Nationwide Properties, Dubai’s Gold Coast Tip Investors on Real Estate sector Opportunities

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By Namutebi Sumayiya

Experts and Players in the real estate industry from Dubai and Uganda have discussed how they can unlock opportunities in real estate, and innovation, with the aim of creating generational wealth and a flourishing sector.

Experts have pointed out that with the increasing number of real estate development companies in Dubai and Uganda, commitment to integrity, excellence and innovation should prevail as companies continuously strive to provide exceptional value to each and every one of their customers.

Andrew Epenu Onigi, the sales and marketing manager at Nationwide Properties

Andrew Epenu, the sales and marketing manager at Nationwide Properties said the company launched its housing projects in 2010 and has a number of developments like The Royal Palms Nakasero, Mulago, Kololo, Mbuya and Butabika with about 500 homes and apartments that have been completed. Currently available for sale are 112 units of 2 & 3 bedroom apartments that are under construction called The Royal Palms Gardens located in Butabika making them one of the leading real estate developers in the great lakes region.

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‘’The main reason that has kept us on top of the market is the quality of houses and apartmemts that we give our customers. We construct houses that even our selves would be happy to live in”. said Epenu, adding that they have partnered with Gold Coast and other companies to expand their international portfolio.

These remarks were made during the opening of the highly anticipated Dubai-Uganda B2B Property Expo 2024, organized by Property Services Ltd, National wide Properties, Gold Coast, Town Square –Dubai and Association of Real Estate Agents Uganda (AREA). The expo which started on 31st May is running up to 2nd June 2024 at Fairway Hotel in Uganda’s Capital, Kampala.

The expo was attended by developers, construction companies, suppliers, brokers, marketers, and consumers.

On the sidelines of the well-attended expo which drew various stakeholders, real estate players engaged in a series of meetings with customers, property investors and developers. Officials at the Expo highlighted the crucial role in bolstering the real estate sector in Dubai and Uganda, highlighting efforts in creating a favorable investment environment and streamlining processes for investors and property firms.

During the interview Mansoor Mahaboob, a property consultant and sales manager at Gold Coast showcased a range of investment opportunities available in Dubai’s real estate sector saying their company has over the years hinged on integrity and innovation in Business which has helped them to put together a spotless brand.

It emphasized the importance of enhancing cooperation and exchanging expertise among key industry players, saying such efforts are directed towards promoting real estate development, establishing foundations for the sustained growth of this sector.

‘’Any property queries a client has we assist them and we are almost tour guides in Dubai, we help you understand the country .We help you understand what an investment is , how it’s made and affordable and government requirements. We believe in reaching out to the world and we want everyone to know that Dubai is not expensive but all levels of investment are available. We have many ways to guide an investor on the payment plan, what is going to come up and the profits .It is about interaction to help people know what is the right to invest in, nothing someone investing in Dubai will miss because we are available to make anyone understand Dubai’’, said Mansoor highlighting the plentiful investment opportunities in Dubai.

Mansoor said Gold Coast will continue its efforts to support the real estate sector, whether through organizing specialized exhibitions and shows or participating in similar events to showcase the potential investment opportunities in the Dubai real estate sector.

According to Karthik Dube, the Director of operations at Gold Coast real estate, the company which was established by the family in 2004 has over the last 20 years has sustained itself in the market and from the beginning, their investment strategy was to go in big on real estate projects.

‘’One of our main goals is to establish a good relationship with our clients which is a lifetime achievement beyond profits. Making the sales is not the biggest achievement but the major accomplishment is sustaining the brand and clients. We have done projects in Nigeria, South Africa and now in Uganda which is part of East Africa. Dubai is normal and not expensive as many believe. That’s why we are here to see that anyone can own a property in Dubai and live a happy life’’, said Karthik highlighting the investment incentives in Dubai as a catalyst for ventures.

Mr Ganesh Dube, the CEO at Gold Coast Real estate, also emphasized that their 20 year experience has perfected their services in property management, joint venture projects, sales, buying, funding projects which has attracted investor globally.

‘’I have been in Dubai for the last 40 years and I understand the laws , and also we have investors from Uganda that’s why we are here to boost our business links’’, said Ganesh.

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