Stanbic Bank, Vumbula Uganda Plant 1000 Trees along River Nile

Stanbic Bank team led by Saulo Nabende (3RD Right) and Vumbula team led by Peter Ssebulime (2nd Left) pose for a group photo with Hon. Barnard Odoi ahead of the tree planting session.
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By Namutebi Sumayiya

Stanbic Bank has joined hands with Vumbula Uganda to enhance environmental sustainability and contribute to the conservation of River Nile’s natural ecosystem through a tree planting drive.

Stanbic Bank team led by Saulo Nabende (3RD Right) and Vumbula team led by Peter Ssebulime (2nd Left) pose for a group photo with Hon. Barnard Odoi ahead of the tree planting session.

One thousand trees were planted under the theme, ‘Greening the Nile’. This is part of the broader mission to plant one million trees by the end of the year.

According to Saulo Nabende, the Stanbic Bank Jinja Branch Manager, the move is not only a shared commitment to environmental stewardship, community engagement, but also aligns with the bank’s purpose; ‘Uganda is home, we drive her growth’.

He said beyond promoting local tourism, Stanbic Bank is also giving back to the communities along River Nile through the various financial inclusion solutions the bank offers.

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“It’s our responsibility as the leading financial institution to ensure that climate change and its dangers are averted. Trees are the lungs of our planet. They purify the air we breathe, provide essential habitats for wildlife, conserve water, and combat climate change. By planting trees, we can restore ecosystems, prevent soil erosion, and create a harmonious balance between humans and nature,” Nabende said. He said the initiative will beautify the landscape along the River Nile while also creating a lasting positive impact on the environment.

Benard Odoi Onen, the Eastern region Youth Member of Parliament hailed Stanbic Bank for championing the conservation cause started by their forefathers in the region.

“As a generation, our forefathers protected all this that God gave us, so It’s all our task to lead the talk as leaders and citizens. These River Nile fresh waters benefit over 40 districts in Uganda, from Jinja where we are now to Karamoja and beyond. Therefore its now upon us to conserve them for the future and generations that will come after us,” Odoi said. He appealed to the Parliament of Uganda to allocate more resources to similar youth-led initiatives.

“From where I sit, I want to challenge the Parliament of Uganda to appropriate more money for environmentally friendly initiatives. When you support Youth-led initiatives like Vumbula, you are creating jobs, supporting tourism and also protecting our Mother Nature,”  Odoi said.

He implored all youths and local communities along the River Nile Catchment area to join the caravan and plant more trees, because he has already secured 1.5 million seedlings from Viccad Africa ready for distribution and planting.

This tree planting activity is part of the four-day Vumbula Uganda Carnival, a tourism and art extravaganza celebrating the best of Ugandan music being held along the Nile.

The carnival started on Friday 31st May and will go on until the 3rd June at the Spacious Nile Nest Resort in Jinja.

Akullo Jean Coprise, the Chief Communications Officer Vumbula Uganda, said compared to previous editions, revelers are being treated to a magical experience, packed with fun activities showcasing the best of Uganda’s tourism, art, culture and ceaseless music from two different stages and some 200 acts.

Jackie Abwol, the FlexiPay Head of marketing said they came on board to give back to its customers as well as celebrate Uganda’s beautiful diversity, especially with the youth that make up the biggest number of our population.

She said as the bank, they are still offering discounts on tickets purchased via the Flexipay mobile banking platform and other general discounts on selected snacks, drinks during the daily happy hour sessions.

“During happy hours, we have reduced all prices of goods here by UGX 2000, Want people to enjoy life to the fullest. For years, Vumbula has been described as a premium celebration of the very best of Ugandan art, music, and cuisine. Therefore being here toasting and celebrating with our youthful clients makes a moment worthwhile.


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