Tembo Steels Chairman Applauds Museveni for the Conducive Business Environment

Mr Sanjay Awasthi, the Chairman Tembo Steels (U) Ltd (L) speaks to Mr Manish Kalla, the General Manager
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President Yoweri Museveni and the ruling Government have been praised for ushering in peace to the country and creating a conducive environment for businesses including the steel manufacturing sector to thrive.
The praises were made by Mr Sanjay Awasthi, the Chairman Tembo Steels (U) Ltd, the Africa’s most Diversified and Integrated Steel Plant with the Largest Product Portfolio through Integrated Route Covering All Four Verticals of Steel.
Mr Sanjay Awasthi, the Chairman Tembo Steels (U) Ltd (L) speaks to Diwedi Gaurav (C) and Mr Manish Kalla (R), the General Manager
Speaking to reporters on Friday evening at the Tembo Steels Lugazi plant in Buikwe District, Awasthi expressed his gratitude for Gen.Museveni’s determination and knowledge on maintaining Peace and security not only in Uganda but the whole region which has created a superior investment environment.
‘’This is a proud moment for us that we are the most diversified steel plant in Africa. It is happening because it is President Museveni’s vision that he wants to see the products manufactured here in Uganda with 100% value addition .He is a source of inspiration for me and many million others in this country for what he has done all these years ‘’, said Awasthi.
Contented with President Museveni’s efforts towards development, Awasthi added that it’s not 20 years of his stay in Uganda but it’s a home and he will go nowhere because of the Peace in the country.

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Awasthi, who was accompanied by Mr Manish Kalla, the General Manager, Gaffa Denis the Director Safety & Security at Tembo, also emphasized that the company maintains their legacy of high quality, timely and cost-effective steel and gas products that conform to product standards, regulatory and customer requirements in the manufacturing of hot and cold rolled steel profiles, oxygen and nitrogen products.

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TSUL desires to remain Africa’s Steel Industry benchmark through the excellence of its people, its innovative approach and overall conduct. At the bottom of this vision is a committed performance to the aspiring target along with unremitting development, honesty and simplicity.
Mr Manish Kalla (L), the General Manager ,Mr Sanjay Awasthi, the Chairman Tembo Steels (U) Ltd with Mr Diwedi Gaurav
Iron and steel are vital materials and find their use in almost all areas of life and both can easily be recycled after their use to make new materials. Steel is the world’s most important structural material because of its high strength in relation to its weight and price. At Tembo, steel is produced in many forms from thin sheets and wires to heavy load-bearing structural members.
According to Uganda’s National Planning Authority, a strong integrated iron and steel industry is not only facilitating industrial take-off in the country but also leading to saving of forex expenditure, increasing employment opportunities and forming a strong basis to support the growth of other sectors through forward-backward linkages. The industry is also increasing local content in on-going and planned infrastructure projects.
For over three decades now, security of people and property has been the biggest milestone of the ruling government led by Museveni. The country has for more years now not experienced any stern security threats.
Before capturing power in 1986, the prevalence of insecurity in Uganda and parts of other African countries was high. Ugandans and many other Africans were insecure, living in fear.
An average Ugandan would quickly hide whenever they met soldiers or policemen. Museveni government has however democratized the country right from the local level, politicized and disciplined the army and police, and made them interact with the person which has spurred investments
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