NWSC Board Members Pay Courtesy Call on Entebbe RDC Kirigwa

NWSC Board Members Pay Courtesy Call on Entebbe RDC Kirigwa
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The Board members of National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) have today paid a courtesy call on deputy Resident District Commissioner (RDC) for Entebbe Mr Hakim Kirigwa at his office.

NWSC Board Members Pay Courtesy Call on Entebbe RDC Kirigwa

In a meeting that was also attended by the senior staff of NWSC from Entebbe, Kirigwa raised a number of issues including the need to extend Public Stand Pipes, Water to the most populated areas of Entebbe including Markets, Tax Parks, landing Sites, Schools, and Worship Centers among others.

‘’We appreciate NWSC’s commitment to reach every corner of the nation which is evident in its impressive geographical coverage of over 84%. The flow of clean water now reaches places that once thirsted for this essential resource, a testament to the tireless efforts of the corporation in bringing progress to all. But our request as Entebbe to the corporation is that water should reach all areas that are highly populated’’, said Kirigwa.

NWSC officials affirmed that the corporation will ensure efficient water production and minimal operational disruptions, working on timely procurement of materials for all departments and nothing will hinder the corporation’s pursuit of excellence.

Kirigwa , during a separate interview told this website that Uganda is exceptionally endowed with water resources, covering 43,938sq.km (18%) of its 241,038sq.km total land area.

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‘’it is NRM’s duty to exploit this endowment for the wellbeing of all Ugandans. Therefore, NRM is committed to extending clean and safe water to every LC1/village, ultimately providing water to every household. NRM’s priority is to increase safe water supply coverage and equity in the entire country’’, he said.

In 1986, only 10% (1 in 10) of the population in the rural areas had access to clean safe water.

‘’We have since increased access in rural areas (a radius of 1km) to 70% (7 in 10) and urban coverage to 80% (8 in 10). Out of 68,731 villages in Uganda, 48,338 villages have access to clean water’’, he added.

He said NRM government is going to continue focusing on construction of a safe clean water source in every village for the remaining unserved villages while at the same time implementing other planned interventions to increase safe water coverage in the country.

Piped water main network system increased to 1,200 in urban areas and over 2,000 gravity flow systems by 2019, up from 37 and over 42 respectively in 1986. In the last four years, over 720,000 new customers, including industrial/institutional/ commercial customers were connected to the water supply network.

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