C-Care Uganda Commemorates Men’s Health Awareness Month

The C-Care Chief Operations Officer, Azhar Sandhoo shares tips on men's mental wellness, at C-Care IHK Kampala during their staff Movember celebrations. Regards
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C-Care Uganda, Uganda’s largest private healthcare network, has this month, joined the rest of the world to raise men’s health awareness, with special attention to testicular and prostate cancers.

The C-Care Chief Operations Officer, Azhar Sandhoo shares tips on men’s mental wellness, at C-Care IHK Kampala during their staff Movember celebrations.

The healthcare providers kicked off the month by providing discounted prostate and testicular cancer screening in all their clinics countrywide.

In solidarity with men globally, the C-Care male staff were encouraged to grow moustaches and participate in the different activities aimed at promoting male physical health, throughout the month of November.

The C-Care staff concluded the awareness campaign with a Cowboy Friday Celebration at C-Care IHK Kampala, which was presided over by the Chief Operations Officer, Azhar Sandhoo.

In his remarks, Sandhoo said, “There was a time when it was near to impossible for a person to access quality medical information or care in most parts of the country, but thankfully, we now have accessible, affordable expert medical personnel at our disposal, across the country, thanks to C-Care.”

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Sandhoo encouraged men to be vigilant in taking care of their overall health, with particular attention to the mental, physical and general wellness. He urged them to go for regular medical checkups in order to ensure good health and reduce risks of late disease detection, specially cancers.

He said, “A body that is well taken care of ensures full capacity productivity for men. Doctors recommend regular checkups in most cases because some of these diseases show no signs or symptoms in their early stages and sometimes these symptoms show when ‘it’s too late.

Sheila Aboth, the Marketing and Communications Manager, C-Care Uganda, applauded the hospital move in promoting men’s health and shining a light on prostate and testicular cancers.

Aboth said, “We believe that men’s well- being should be given an equal voice to that given women health issues, which tend to always take center stage. Such activities level the ground and shine a light on men’s well-being for a change.”

Prostate cancer can be described as a kind of cancer that occurs in the prostate which is a small gland in males shaped like a walnut that produces the seminal fluid that helps in transportation of sperm. This cancer happens to be very common and exists in different types some develop very slowly while others grow aggressively and so quickly. Testicular cancer is simply defined as the growth of cells in the testicles.

Research has shown that the risk of getting prostate and testicular cancers increases with age. The commonest cases reported are usually after the age of 50 but also the black people have the greater risk of having it aggressive and more advanced. Just like many of the other cancers, family history plays a big determinant role for this cancer as well and the other factor that people may also not be aware of is that having history of breast cancer in your family may need one to also consider checking for prostate cancer among the males and then there is obesity which also may bring about the disease in the long run.

The good news is that they can be prevented if one takes the right measures and even if one has it, if detected early, the survival rates are really high. The risk can be reduced by eating healthy, emphasizing on vegetables and fruits and regular exercises to maintain a healthy weight.

C-Care, formerly International Hospital Kampala (IHK) & IMC is a tertiary, multi-specialty hospital that lays its foundation on a ‘Patient first’ ideology. It is Uganda’s largest private healthcare network, delivering easily accessible affordable, and quality leading-edge healthcare to cater for the changing needs of the growing populace and is the epitome of medical innovations and quality healthcare that offers easy connectivity and accessibility to patients from Uganda.

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