Double Q Co.Ltd Celebrates 10 years in Uganda, New Plant to Employ Thousands

Managing Director Bruce Lin
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Double Q Co.Ltd Celebrates 10 years in Uganda, New Plant to Employ Thousands, Supply Regional Market

Uganda’s government has commended Double Q Co Ltd, a top manufacturer and distributor of Sino Truck, Howo, and XCMG trucks, and heavy-duty equipment for its significant contributions to the manufacturing and transportation sectors in in the country.

Managing Director Bruce Lin

Having established operations in Uganda in 2013, Double Q Co Ltd has expanded its presence and product portfolio, culminating in the establishment of a state-of-the-art truck assembly plant in Mpigi. The facility has been at the forefront of producing a considerable number of trucks for both the domestic market and exports to neighboring countries, including South Sudan, Rwanda, Tanzania, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Guests attend Double Q’s 10th-anniversary celebration at their corporate headquarters in Busega

During Double Q’s 10th-anniversary celebration at their corporate headquarters in Busega, Government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo, who was the Chief Guest, commended the company for its significant contributions. He praised Double Q for its dedication to foreign domestic investment in Uganda, highlighting the positive impact it has had on the nation’s business landscape.

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Opondo stated, “You opened Uganda to the rest of the world and showed that it is possible to do business in Uganda. Through your work, you have now connected Uganda to the DRC, Southern Sudan, Tanzania, and Rwanda, thereby strengthening the spirit of East African integration. When I visited your plant on Masaka Road, I was pleased with your employment policy, where you are taking raw Ugandans and training them to become the best-skilled manpower.”

On behalf of the government, Opondo assured Double Q Co Ltd of continued support through efforts to enhance the conditions for doing business and investment within the country.

Double Q Co Ltd, which began its operations in Uganda in 2013 primarily offering transportation services, has progressively expanded its services into spare parts and, in 2019, inaugurated the assembly plant. Managing Director Mr. Bruce Lin reported that the company has produced over 600 units, the majority of which are exported to neighboring countries.

Managing Director Bruce Lin

Double Q’s commitment to employing Ugandans is evident through its workforce of over 300, and this number is projected to increase to 500 in the near future. The company has also played a significant role in transforming its surrounding community by promoting the growth of local businesses and supporting various corporate social responsibility initiatives, particularly in the field of education.

During the anniversary event, attended by a diverse array of business partners, Double Q Co Ltd expressed its gratitude by presenting a range of prizes to lucky winners, including washing machines, television sets, fridges, phones, and a brand-new Mercedes Benz, which was won by Matthew, a businessman from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Double Q Co Ltd continues to be a driving force in Uganda’s manufacturing and transportation sectors, further enhancing the nation’s business landscape and fostering regional integration

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