United Nations Resident Coordinator hosts Million Trees International Organization

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The UN Resident Coordinator in Uganda Ms Susan Ngongi Namondo has hosted a delegation from Million Trees International Organization at their head office, in Nakasero.

“We were so much pleased and happy after being recommended by Ministry of Water and Environment, through Hon Beatrice Anywar as the flagship initiative to UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration 2021/30. This served as an empowerment stage that has enabled us to actively work for welfare of our environment through Conservation Forestry, Agro forestry and Urban Forestry programs. Indeed we have lived to contribute our efforts to date,” noted Jibril.

The meeting aimed at developing a strategic relationship between the two units on restoring more forests in Uganda.

“You talked of Agro forestry programs with fruit trees mainly being planted by local farmers to increase private forests. How about other trees like Eucalyptus, which are good for firewood? In some areas, farmers grow eucalyptus, sell it and use it for cooking energy,” said Ms Susan.

“We rarely do eucalyptus trees growing because of them being water sucking trees, and can’t be inter-cropped with our food crops. With fruit trees, the farmer will get fruits for food security and household income on selling. Trees like calliandria inciluranta are a known fodder tree good for nitrogen fixing in soil. Pruned branches are eaten by animals like cows, and goats. The branches can be used for cooking after drying. Copying from Tanzania, Uganda will as well adopt gas energy as cooking energy. It’s good we have oil in Albert area,” added Jibril.

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“We’re though not alone! Agencies like NFA, NEMA, UPDF and others have worked with us. With UNRA, we’re into urban Forestry along Nyakahita-Kazo-Ibanda-Kamwenge-Fortportal Road 207km as grow trees in road reserves. We’re to have projects running with NFA by September rainfalls in Kakasi CFR in Western Uganda. GRO Initiative is one of our funding partners whose interest is in Conservation Forestry. Through UPDF on 25th February 2023, we meet HE Kaguta Museveni the President of the Republic of Uganda in appreciation of our work done. Through NEMA, we received the environment sustainability award 2023 on 5th June 2023,” added Dr Jibril.

“Through Plastic-Kavera collection, we involve mother, children and a few fathers. The chain for plastic recycling is very tedious with a number of steps involved. We’re empowering local people on using wastes for wealth. Coca-Cola Company Uganda is a good partner,” said Ms Caroline Zawedde, Head of Plastic-Kavera department.

“I see Kebiraro Beatrice as the Head of University Chapters, how are these chapters necessary in environmental protection?” asks Michael Wangusa UN communications Officer.

“We need the youths to prepare the next generations. Having them on board sustains our projects implementation. They’re the future leaders who need much knowledge on environmental protection,” Kebiraro noted.

“We need more of your good work in Refugee hosting districts to increase food supply and production. Am going to follow up with UNDP Uganda to see how far with the Greening School Campaign. You’re doing the best work where our support is needed as we contribute to the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration 2021/30. Keep engaging us,” advised Namondo.

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  1. Jibril says

    We’re as well planning to start on Kasese 64 acres land restoration project as part of conservation forestry. We intend to increase Uganda’s Forestry Cover by involving local people in actions against abnormal climate change.

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