Makerere University Hails Tembo Steels (U) Ltd on Leading in Innovation, Empowering Academic Research

Mr Sanjay Awasthi, the Chairman Tembo Steels (U) Ltd, Manish Kalla the General Manager, during the Iganga factory Tour with Makerere University Delegation
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Africa’s 8th Top University and Uganda’s leading, Makerere University has hailed Tembo Steels (U) Ltd for investing in technological advancements for steel production which not only widen their market but also supports Uganda’s academic and research fields.

IN PICTURE:Makerere University delegation with the officials of Tembo Group led by the Chairman Mr Sanjay Awasthi pose for a group photo at the Iganga Plant

According to Mr. Peter Olupot, a senior lecturer at the department of Mechanical Engineering which is under the College of Engineering, Design, Art and Technology of Makerere University, Tembo Steels should be highly supported by all stakeholders for having facilities that can transform Uganda’s education sector through research and innovations.

‘’We are interested in the industrial setup at these facilities so we appreciate the process of transforming iron ore to iron metal and then the processes of producing the different profiles of steel products that the company is doing. For us we are happy for the fact that we have a facility of this nature in the country because now the students when we are teaching them are able to relate these things ‘’, said Mr,Olupot.

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Mr Sanjay Awasthi, the Chairman Tembo Steels (U) Ltd, Manish Kalla the General Manager, during the Iganga factory Tour with Makerere University Delegation


Olupot made the remarks during a guided tour of Tembo Factories at the two Plants; Iganga and Lugazi on Friday 28th April 2023 by over 50 engineering students from Makerere University as the company joined the world to celebrate the annual World Day for Safety and Health at Work.

‘’The purpose of the visit is to make the students appreciate in practice what they learn, the process of transforming iron ore to iron metal and the subsequent processes of making steel from this iron’’, he added.

The Makerere University Students and their lecturers started with Iganga plant and were received by; Mr Sanjay Awasthi, the Chairman Tembo Steels (U) Ltd, Manish Kalla the  General Manager, Gaffa Denis the Director Safety & Security ,Shailendra Misra the Plant Head Iganga among other Company officials.

Speaking to reporters during a media interview at the Lugazi plant, Mr Sanjay Awasthi who earlier took the guests through the company manufacturing processes emphasized that Tembo is the Most Diversified and Integrated Steel Plant in Africa with the Largest Product Portfolio through Integrated Route Covering All Four Verticals of Steel.

Makerere University delegation with the officials of Tembo Group led by the Chairman Mr Sanjay Awasthi pose for a group photo at the Iganga Plant


‘’ Tembo Steels products are strengthened by the spirit of innovation that enables the custom of being a pioneer. Customization is at the core of all our product development and our global technology radiance ensures the best in class offerings for the valued customers’’, said Awasthi.

On the visit by students, Awasthi promised that Tembo is determined to continue being a leader in steel production and innovation adding that students should benchmark at the state -of -the -art Tembo facilities to acquire skills because theories are different from practices.

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On behalf of the students, after they were treated to a highly organized reception by the company, in an essential safety environment at the two plants, excited Annemarie Najjuma thanked Tembo Uganda Ltd for the opportunity outside the class theoretical experiences.

‘’I have personally enjoyed this trip because it has exposed us to the real life application of the things we study. We have been studying all these processes from when they extract the iron ore to when they process it and then they get the finished products. But today we have been able to see these things in a practical sense and relate to the knowledge we have learnt in class’’,said Najjuma.

The team visited different sections including; the Furnace (S.M.S), Billet Yard, Rolling Mill/ Cooling Bed, Block Mills, State of the Art Laboratory ,Wire Drawing Unit, Nail Plant, Wire Mesh Units, Gas Plant among others.

Prior to the Makerere University Student’s tour, Tembo Steels ,one of Africa’s leading steel firms has in the past years invested billions into their plants, to create an emissions free iron process which is major news for the steel industry, and is increasing pressure on other companies in the region to follow these steps which is increasingly, and rightfully so, environmentally conscious.

Without Tembo steels Products, much of our infrastructure in Uganda and the whole African continent currently would not effectively exist. Steel is by far the most important engineering and construction material, and if you have any doubts as to Tembo’s importance, you can ask the largest construction companies in the African Continent.

While Tembo Steel Ltd itself has enabled millions of jobs on a continental scale, it is actually its indirect contribution to Uganda and African economy which is even more important, since it produces a raw material in many industries around the continent.

Wherever you look, you will find some sort of application of steel; from construction to cars to electronic products to refrigerators, washing machines, surgical instruments and even cargo ships, which is why it is essential to the continent’s growth.

According to global statistics, it is said that for every $1 that the steel industry generates, $2.5 is generated indirectly which is why it has a significant impact on the global economy.

Even though steel is required by more or less every single country in their construction sectors as well as other sectors, the production isn’t quite as evenly spread as you might have thought. In fact, just a few countries are responsible for the biggest percentage of the total steel production in Africa, with Uganda based Tembo Steels Ltd moderately topping the list with absolute dominance.


TSUL, an ISO 9002 certified Company, one of East Africa’s Largest Company with Interest in Manufacturing Hot and cold rolled profiles, Strategic Investments made by the Company have resulted in the Creation of Tangible & Intangible assets which are at the heart of Ugandan Economy.

​With its timeless business philosophy TSUL is geared up to not only survive but win in a marketplace marked by feverish change. Indeed, the company’s blistering success story has been scripted principally by its resolve to innovate, set new principles, enhance capabilities, and enrich lives and to ensure that it stays true to its value system. Not surprisingly, the company is very much a future corporation, & is the most preferred steel manufacturer in the Country.

The company endeavors to strengthen Uganda’s industrial base by aiding infrastructural development, through sustainable development approaches and inclusive growth. It deploys its resources to improve infrastructure, education, health, water, sanitation, environment and so on in the areas it operates in. It has won several awards for its innovative business and social practices.

​Led by Mr. Sanjay Awasthi, the company produces economical and efficient steel through backward and forward integration. From the widest flat products to a whole range of long products, TSUL today sports a product portfolio that caters to markets across the steel value chain. An Indigenous spirit and the ability to discern future trends have been the driving force behind the company’s remarkable growth story.

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