Mufti Mubajje tells Tycoon Lumolo to Get His Daughter Out of Hajji Kafo’s House

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Issues around the failed marriage between businessman Hajji Kafo and Asha Nabulo Mafabi continue to dominate the media space.

The two were married for less than one year following a lavish wedding.

For seven months now, the pair are no longer in marriage.

This followed a leaked recording and confession in which Nabuulo told her father, Hajji Sulaiman Mafabi Lumolo, that she no longer loves Hajji Kafo.

Following this, Hajji Kafo saw it as wise to let the woman go. However, it appears Nabulo wants to remain in Hajji Kafo’s house.

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Nabulo (right) continues to illegally occupy the house (left). The house is located in Half London, Mbale City.

Although there was a negotiation to have Nabulo leave peacefully, court bailiffs are knocking to throw her out after she failed at a peaceful process.

Mubajje Speaks Out

The matter has now reached a number of people, including friends, family, and relatives.

The Mufti of the Uganda Supreme Council, Sheikh Shaban Mubajje, is among those angry at the incident.

Mubajje supports the fact that Nabulo must leave Hajji Kafo’s house.

In the case of failed marriage, Mubajje argues that Islam looks at certain areas, including the bad behavior of the man, if the man is a witch, and if he is a homosexual. Mubajje says Hajji Kafo is none of the above. Secondly, Mubajje says that if the couple stays under one roof for four months and 10 days without having sex, then there is no marriage to save. In Hajji Kafo’s case with Nabulo, they have been together for seven months without sex. Therefore, Mubajje says that Nabulo must leave Hajji Kafo’s house. Otherwise, he says that if Nabulo declines to leave, then she wants to rob Hajji Kafo of his house, an act that he says is against the Islamic faith of illegal acquisition of wealth.

Mubajje says that he is aware that Nabulo denounced Hajji Kafo before her father but wonders why Lumolo is still entertaining Nabulo while attempting to steal the former husband’s house.

To this end, he wants Hajji Lumolo to rain on his daughter and get her out of Hajji Kafo’s house. Mubajje says that the issue between Hajji Kafo and Nabulo is soiling the image of Islam in the country. Mubajje adds that Muslim leaders will not sit and watch the image of Muslims get tainted because of Lumolo and his bad-mannered daughter.

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