Let’s Fight Against Littering! Littering is the Incorrect Disposal of Rubbish

Jackie Nabukeera, Head of Safety Health Environment &Quality at C Care IHK.
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In Uganda, this is a major problem that is mainly faced in the urban areas. Although unfortunate, it is common to see individuals carelessly throw out trash from moving vehicles, drop wrappings on the streets, pour waste into drainages, to mention but a few. Apart from making our environment untidy, waste is a breeding ground for bacteria and diseases.

Jackie Nabukeera, Head of Safety Health Environment &Quality at C Care IHK.

Additionally, poorly disposed waste can end up in our water bodies and succeed in not only polluting them but become a hazard to the animals that live there because they can easily choke up on waste like plastics and die. According to an article written on littering by Texas Disposal Systems, 60% of water pollution is caused by litter.

Why people litter.

Litter continues to be largely a deliberate act and in addition to lack of access to trash bins and lenient law enforcement, people litter because they are lazy and careless, expecting that someone else will come and pickup after them. In Uganda we commonly litter because this has been accepted as part of our culture. Albeit an uphill task, changing to a new way of doing things is possible through consistency and perseverance.

As we commemorate world environment day this year, let’s remember that ensuring a clean environment is more efficient, effective and sustainable when we realize that this responsibility starts with us as individuals. A cleaner and smarter city, country and world at large can only be possible when we exercise behavioural practices that are for the greater good.

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As the relevant authorities put in place infrastructures to facilitate proper waste disposal, educating people on anti-littering and having regular clean up drives, should be the way to go as a nation. We can do it!

Jackie Nabukeera is the Head of Safety Health Environment &Quality at C Care IHK

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