DETERMINED: CenteTech Embarks on Transforming Education in Lugazi Catholic Diocese

Steven Kirenga launching the SMS service to Lugazi Diocese Educational Institutions
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In a move poised to revolutionize communication within the educational sector, Centenary Technology Services has rolled out its Digital Messaging Service across schools in Lugazi Catholic Diocese.

Steven Kirenga launching the SMS service to Lugazi Diocese Educational Institutions

This cutting-edge platform, equipped with a suite of diverse features including SMS, USSD, Email, and Interactive Voice Response (IVR), is set to address the multifaceted communication needs of the diocese and its affiliated educational institutions, heralding a new era of connectivity and engagement.

The implementation of this technology underscores the transformative power of digital solutions in key societal sectors, particularly education.

By harnessing the ubiquity and accessibility of SMS and complementing it with USSD, Email, and IVR capabilities, the platform ensures that vital information reaches stakeholders swiftly and efficiently, bridging communication gaps that have long challenged the educational landscape.

“Technology is not just a tool but a bridge to a future where every student, teacher, and parent in our diocese can connect, share, and thrive together. This platform is more than just a means of sending messages; it’s a step towards creating a more inclusive, informed, and interactive educational community,” remarked Steven Kirenga, Head Product & Business Development and Customer Experience at Centenary Technology Services.

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“Our commitment is to leverage technology for equitable transformation across Uganda, ensuring that every corner of our society benefits from the digital leap,”, Kirenga added.

This initiative is part of Centenary Technology Services’ broader mission to utilize technology as a catalyst for equitable transformation throughout Uganda. By tailoring their services to meet the specific needs of the education sector, the company is not only enhancing communication but also fostering an environment where technology acts as a cornerstone for development and progress.

The introduction of such a versatile communication platform is expected to significantly impact the way educational content is delivered and received. It opens up new avenues for remote learning, timely updates on school events, and effective parent-teacher engagement, thus elevating the educational experience for students and educators alike. In doing so, it aligns perfectly with the global push towards integrating technology in education, preparing students for a future where digital literacy is paramount.

As Centenary Technology Services rolls out this service across schools in Lugazi diocese, it sets a precedent for how technological innovations can be strategically deployed to enhance the quality of education and communication within our societies.

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