Billgating Science to Conquer God’s Great Project Nature

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Billgating Science to Conquer God’s Great Project Nature

By Oweyegha-Afunaduula


I am sure you have never heard of the verb billgating. I have coined it from two words: Bill and Gates. When you put the two words together you get Bill Gates, which are the names of the Microsoft tech billionaire. Apart from making his name as one of the richest people (at one time Forbes Magazine named him the richest) in the world, he has made a name for himself by being quick to invest his enormous wealth in anti-God projects. Recently, he has committed his wealth to a project that aims to interfere with the global climate by interfering the Sun’s energizing power, ostensibly to conquer climate change. Before I tell you in detail what the anti-God project is, let me use my conservation biology knowledge to educate you about God’s Great Project Nature.

There is no doubt that Nature is God’s Great Project Nature was his own work by his own wisdom, although anti-God science has claimed our universe, and everything associated with it was just a result of a catastrophic accident (Bang Theory). The universe, includes the solar system, which is the sun, all the stars, and all the planets that revolve around it. The planets themselves constitute what is called “the planetary system”.

Because our only livable Planet, Earth, is part of the planetary system, it is critical to the survival of all living beings, including Man, Homo sapiens. So far there is no scientific evidence to suggest that life can “freely” exist and survive on any other Planet. The portion on Earth where life exists and survives is called the Biosphere or the sphere of life. To put it another way, all biological forms can only naturally live, survive, reproduce and die in the sphere of life. However, the sphere of life consists of both living and non-living forms, with the non-living forms constituting the geological system of the Earth. The soil atop the geological system, and which is where life on Earth exists, is itself a living system. It contains microbes, which live in it as their home, and the roots of trees, shrubs and herbs are embedded in it, deriving nutrients from it. When living things atop the soil dies what they ate when alive return to the soil, where the microbes reduce them to usable elements by the living.

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Both the living and non-living forms are thus interdependent and interconnected ecologically (to form what is called an ecological system (or ecosystem) in form of cycles of life and death, which involve flow of energy and cycling of materials such as Carbon, Oxygen and sulphur. Some materials, however, are not amenable to cycling and they include mineral such as oil, gold, silver, copper and platinum, which today are the basis of Man’s industrial culture based on production of goods and services.

The existence of so many species or varieties of species on Earth is explained by existence of a multiplicity of habitats, microhabitats and niches. Different species may occupy same habitats but not same microhabitats or niches. This what explains the view that the world is not a world of similarity but difference. It also explains the view that God the designer is not a God of similarity but different. The simplifications of science tend to erase difference and glorify similarity. It also explains why complexity is superior to simplicity.

The ecological system consists of the air we breathe, the water we drink (fresh) and don’t drink (salty), microbes (bacteria, fungi and viruses), various protozoa, coelenterates, arthropods, mollusks, frogs, reptiles, birds, mammals, trees (such as Mvule tree), grasses (such as sugarcane and oil palm), shrubs and herbs, rivers, lakes, oceans, swamps, mountains, forests, deserts and marshes. These are often combined in different ways to form different types of ecosystems to which different forms may or may not be adapted.

I should also mention that that there are systems at whose centre are human beings and which are called agroecological systems. The role of these is seem in different human energy systems that depend directly on producing crops on the soils to feed humanity. There, are, however, other human energy systems that do not are not agroecologically based but depend on migratory grazing animals and are called nomadic-pastoral systems.

The greatest threat to this order, which reflects the work of a superior being, is Man, Homo sapiens, particularly economic and industrial Man using the destructive of science, technology, corporatism and money, and by extension war and pollution. This way, the capacity of the Earth to support life has been greatly reduced. The deadly combination of science, technology, corporatism and money is responsible for carnage of climate change.

Because of the pursuit of wealth, glory power and domination of humanity by geo-billionaires and their associated geopoliticians, dangerous chemicals are being poured into the upper portion of the Earth’s atmosphere -the Stratosphere. This is interfering with the orderly way in which the Sun’s rays of light reach the Earth’s surface to power our agricultural and other systems. The Biosphere and its ecosystems would not persist in the planetary system without the continuous energizing power of the Sun.

The geo-billionaires who are the money magnates, and the geopoliticians that design the policies and laws that serve their greed and selfishness, have connived to conceal the fact that it is their choices in our diverse environments that is the cumulative reason why the phenomenon of joint phenomenon of pollution and climate change is persisting and increasingly getting worse. As a result, the Earth’s surface getting hotter and hotter with the passage of time as the geopoliticians concentrate on talking about what to do in the face of climate change, and the geo-billionaires continue their stupid habits of mind regarding God and Nature and pursing superiority of corporatism and money.

Instead of funding humanity to reduce its destructive impacts on nature and the environment imposed by proliferating climate change, geo-billionaires are funding one of the most stupid and bizarre human interventions in our solar system, ostensibly to tame the Sun. This is being called solar geoengineering. The man at the forefront this anti-God, anti-nature intervention is Microsoft tech billionaire, Bill Gates, who has also been associated with other bizarre monetary interventions to reduce the influence of God on human and earthly affairs. It will not be surprising if the geopoliticians in the big man’s global club called United Nations file their power behind Bill Gates’ plot against nature. Some of the agencies of the United Nations have supported some anti-God choices in the environment.

It seems people of money and power reach a point when they think, believe and are convinced that with money power and political power, they can be like God, capable of doing anything they want on Earth. Apparently, even our best brains have surrendered to machinations and stupidities of geo-billionaires intended more to challenge God than to bring forward anything useful in improving the quality of life and our environment.

With the failing capacity of our Earth, we are yearning for those with financial capacity to fund sustainability science in higher education, cultural studies of science, integrative research, science for the environment, science for global sustainability and preparation of future teachers for integration, among others, towards a balanced Planet Earth.

What has the Microsoft tech billionaire, Bill Gates, chosen to do? He has chosen to fund the actualization of Bong Joon-ho’s 2013 fictitious film, Snowpiercer. In this film, scientist (wo do science for science’s sake) release aerosols into the sky ostensibly to stop the rampant global warming. They pretend to exhibit ignorance of what was causing global warming: human stupidity and foolishness. Bill Gates wants Snowpiercer’s science fiction to become science fact this century. What is not clear is whether he will outlive the project.

According to reports from the United States, Bill Gates is funding the Sun dimming technology at Harvard University to potentially reflect sunlight away from the Earth’s upper layer of the atmosphere called Stratosphere using dust of Calcium Carbonate, although the amount to be used is still a mystery. Bill Gates project is called Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment (SCoPEx). Being a completely technomechanistic project, we biologists and ecologists would be little constrained not to characterize it “utterly dangerous and horribly stupid”. If solar geo-engineering to tame the Sun’s rays and interfere with God’s Great Project Nature proceeds to completion, occluding as it is thought about the dire consequences that may result, it will depict human stupidity and foolishness to the upper limit. Food production, health and conservation of both humans and nonhumans will, no doubt be affected, through negative impacts of solar geoengineering.

In the most clanned nation on Earth, Busoga, with over 300 clans (of the 6000 clans on the globe) there is a saying that “Omugaiga ti muntu“(A rich person is not human). By his habit of mind, the rich man makes himself worshipped and some kind of faith figure. In worship fashion the best of our scientists may connive with geo-billionaires to do science for science’s sake to divert human attention from meaningful and useful science. This tendency is likely to manifest more and more with the passage of time.

We have a natural history from the past of how interference with natural systems resulted in catastrophic consequences. It involved the biggest animals that ever existed on Earth – the dinosaurs – that suddenly became extinct. Science has for long suggested that an asteroid impact was the main culprit. However, there is also the scientific explanation that a volcanic eruption that caused largescale changes in the Biosphere may have been involved in the extinction of these large cold-blooded animals in combination with more gradual changes to Earth’s climate that happened over millions of years, according to the American Natural History Museum. A more recent explanation, using research carried out by Florida State University, is that the incubation of dinosaur eggs took several weeks to several months, 20 million years ago. Thus, the key to dinosaur extinction was the egg, which was inefficiently incubated, perhaps due to climatic cooling.

There is, no doubt that climatic colling through solar geoengineering will introduce unnatural cooling more in the cold north and cold south. It might not drastically affect the countries of the tropics, which are naturally hot but as I pointed out elsewhere in this article, agroecological production capacities will be affected, thereby increasing the effects of food shortage and hunger in the often food-limited countries. This is an area that should attract te curiosity of our academic scientists.

The anti-God stances of the excessively technomechanistic humanity, funded by corporate power, will cause the totality of humanity enormous danger well in the future. The Bill Gates venture, biologically, ecologically and environmentally empty as it is, and aiming at spraying Calcium Carbonate dust into the upper atmosphere to block the sun, will no doubt introduce climatic changes never experienced before in known human lifetime. God may show his anger in multiple ways, including failure of the project.

In the biblical literature, we learn of how a King ordered his people to build what is called the Tower of Babel, ostensibly to reach Heaven where God stays. The Tower of Babel was bult in the land of Shina (Babylonia) some time after the Deluge (Genesis 11:1-9). God did not allow the ruler to actualize his illusion. The tower collapsed, and in the wake of the collapse people could not understand what the others spoke because numerous languages emerged. At the people of the whole world spoke only one language, but the Bible does not say which language it was. While some languages have disappeared globally many still exist; actually 7100 languages are spoken amongst 6000 clans that exist today.

What will God do to salvage his Great Project Nature, which has suffered for too long due to the technomechanistic habit of mind introduced by science? I don’t know. But what the corporate billionaire is doing is diversionary. Climate change is not due to nature but to the artificiality of human mind driven by science, technology, money, greed and selfishness at the expense of nature.

Billgating nature is both demonic and satanic; a continuation of the war against God’s system of things. Will it succeed? God is the answer. He lent nature to us just as he lent life to us. He already knows how he will intervene to frustrate the solar engineering project. He makes fools of fortune-tellers and the predictions of astrologers (Isaiah 44:25). He has repeatedly frustrated the predictions of fortune-tellers and astrologers. Why won’t he frustrate stupid science such as solar geoengineering?


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