Ugandan Government Grants Amnesty to Captured ADF Combatants, Defectors

Government Grants Amnesty to Captured ADF Combatants, Defectors
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The government of Uganda through the Amnesty Commission has pardoned Seventy Five (75) ex-combatants (captives and defectors) of the Allied Democratic Forces who have been undergoing rehabilitation.

Government Grants Amnesty to Captured ADF Combatants, Defectors

The 75 who include combatants, defectors and unaccompained minors were rescued from Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo following the heightened Operation Shujaa. They include 24 Ugandans, 48 Congolese, 2 Burundians and 1 Tanzanian.

The Defence Spokesperson Brigadier General Felix Kulayigye thanked Bridgeway Foundation for partnering with Uganda in its efforts of ensuring that the former abductees are given a chance to new life and a future that is assured rather than being in captivity.

Brig Gen Kulayigye said that after undergoing rehabilitation and counselling, the 75 captives and defectors will be supported to enable them start a new life through the vocational skills they have learned.

Mr. Nathan Twinomugisha from the Amnesty Commission said that they have prepared certificates for the Ugandans that will enable them live normal lives.

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The rehabilitated thanked the government of Uganda and the Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces for rehabilitating and counseling them.

“We have learnt the true Islamic religion and its true and peaceful nature. We have been skilled and we can earn a living through tailoring, bakery, liquid soap making and many others. I and my friends hope to be better citizens and make great families and engage in business for a better life,” said a former female speaker who spent time within the ADF camps.

The ex-ADF captives had earlier performed a demonstration showing their life in the ADF camps. This follows President Museveni’s directive that the former ADF rebels who had either surrendered or been captured to share their experiences and give insights of the activities of the ADF.

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