Uganda Breweries Limited launches Tokisussa’s “Drink Responsibly”  campaign

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As the country gears up towards the Christmas and New Year festivities, Uganda Breweries Limited (UBL) has launched the Tokisussa “Drink Responsibly” campaign in which the organisation sensitises the public about the dangers of drunk driving, and the potential consequences of drunk driving, binge drinking, and underage drinking.

During the launch that took place at Kampala Serena Hotel on 22nd December 2023, Brenda Kobutungi, the UBL Corporate Relations Manager in charge of Positive Drinking and Communications the organisation seeks to change the way people drink and drink for the better.

“This is why we promote responsible drinking and invest in education programs to discourage the harmful use of alcohol. All these efforts are part of Diageo’s Society 2030: Spirit of Progress advocates for creating a more inclusive and sustainable society,” she stated.

Kobutungi said the timing for this campaign is also perfect as we head out to the festivities around the season.

“People typically overindulge and are also driving from one place to another. This should serve as a reminder to our customers to stay safe out there, drink in moderation and responsibly and please do not drive if you have had even one drop of Alcohol.”

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UBL frequently runs public Responsible Drinking Messaging. For the past 10 years, it has run under the banner of Red Card – Zero Tolerance to Drink Driving. Currently, two campaigns are running under that banner, namely; The Wrong Side of the Road – A campaign that highlights the consequences of Driving under the influence of alcohol from the perpetrator’s perspective and an educational/sensitization campaign dubbed Drink IQ which is an engaging quiz type online communication that encourages users to change their behavior around Alcohol and overconsumption.

Campaign focus areas

Kobutungi said areas of focus include highlighting the the dangers of consuming illicit, unregulated, substandard often dangerous, underage alcohol consumption (the public should desist from sending children to buy alcohol, and drinking should not be done around the house. This will keep children out of reach for children.

“The other areas are drink driving and overconsumption of alcohol, especially as we entity Christmas and New Year festivities.  We have also put in place the Alcohol Marketing Code of Conduct which puts in place measures that govern how alcohol is communicated,” she said.

How to minimize the effects of over drinking

There are things you can do to help minimise consumption; moderation is key, you can enjoy alcohol in moderation, and responsible drinking can lead to a more enjoyable and healthier lifestyle. It’s important to stay hydrated while consuming alcohol to minimize the negative effects and promote overall well-being

In addition, it is to decide on a maximum number of drinks beforehand. If you decide to take 4 bottles, make sure it is just that. Also, eat before or during the occasion, try by all means to avoid drinking games and shots, spend time with friends who drink less, add extra ice to your drink, and pace yourself.

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