MTN Uganda champions data security excellence in the digital era

Samuel Gitta, General Manager Risk & Compliance at MTN Uganda
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By Samuel Gitta

In an era characterized by pervasive digitalization, where technology seamlessly integrates into every aspect of our lives, the need for robust data privacy has become paramount. From online transactions and social media engagements to healthcare records, the conveniences offered by the digital age come with inherent risks such as data breaches and identity theft.

The telecom sector, which processes vast amounts of personal data, assumes a crucial role in addressing these challenges. It plays a pivotal role in safeguarding against potential privacy and security threats, thereby upholding public trust in Uganda’s Information and Communication Technology (ICT) ecosystem—a cornerstone in the country’s digital transformation journey.

Uganda’s regulatory framework takes a formidable stance on data protection through the Data Protection and Privacy Act of 2019 and the subsequent 2021 Data Privacy and Protection Regulations. These legal frameworks not only ensure the safeguarding of personal data but also impose accountability on companies for their data processing practices.

MTN Uganda, a frontrunner in the telecom sector, distinguishes itself through its firm commitment to data protection. The company not only complies meticulously with the letter and spirit of the law but also adopts a proactive stance towards consumer privacy, data protection, and security.

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Going beyond conventional compliance measures, such as advanced encryption and stringent access controls, MTN Uganda employs robust customer engagement strategies. This includes ensuring that personal data is processed only on lawful bases in line with the Data Protection and Privacy Act of 2019. The company aligns itself with international best practices for data handling, conducts regular employee training, and fortifies its defenses against potential breaches.

In testament to its commitment, MTN Uganda was this year awarded the prestigious International Standards Certifications – ISO 27001 on Information Security Management Systems. This certification, issued by the Luxembourg-based firm, Certi-Trust Group, reaffirms MTN Uganda’s dedication to prioritizing the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of services to its customers.

The ISO 27001 certification attests that MTN Uganda has implemented adequate security controls to safeguard and protect all customer data. This certification comprehensively covers the processes of managing people in the technology department, all assets in the CMDB register, and documented processes, policies, guidelines, records, and standards in the technology department.

MTN Uganda extends its commitment to data security to its partners and third-party collaborators, setting stringent standards for entities it deals with. This commitment creates a comprehensive data security ecosystem, ensuring that the same high standards are maintained across the board.

In striking a balance between innovation and compliance, MTN Uganda establishes a guidepost for a secure digital future. This approach emphasizes treating personal information with the utmost care and respect, contributing to a digital landscape where trust and security form the foundation for progress and innovation.

The call to action is clear: businesses and individuals must prioritize data privacy and protection. Embracing initiatives of this nature not only enhances personal security but also contributes to a digital environment where trust and security pave the way for continued progress and innovation.

Samuel Gitta, General Manager Risk & Compliance at MTN Uganda

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