World Tourism Day 2023: PM Nabbanja Urges Environmental Conservation

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There is an urgent need to conserve the environment by undertaking deliberate initiatives to “take care of nature”, Hon. Robinah Nabbanja the Prime Minister of the Republic of Uganda and Leader of Government Business in Parliament has said.

Nabbanja who was speaking at this year’s World Tourism Day 2023 national celebrations in the western district of Hoima, cautioned the public on preserving the environment, noting that the world is experiencing serious climate change and disasters which have led to loss of life and property.

 “We cannot let our wetlands and forests get destroyed while we are looking. Destroying the environment means destroying a home, our beautiful wildlife, and plants. The environment is one of the major sources of revenue for our country,” she added.

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She further called for the planting of more trees to protect and conserve the environment, saying sustainable use of the resources will benefit everybody and help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda 2030.

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The Minister of State for Tourism, Wildlife, and Antiquities, Bahinduka Mugarra Martin, urged everyone to document the various attractions Bunyoro is endowed with as we market Destination Uganda to the world.

‘’As we celebrate World Tourism Day, let’s also celebrate the joy of exploring our beautiful country, Uganda, and discovering its hidden gems. Travelling opens our hearts and minds to new cultures, landscapes, and experiences’’,noted Bahinduka.

Celebrated every September 27, this year’s National celebrations were hinged on the theme “Tourism and Green Investments” and were graced by over 40 organizations, including the Uganda Wildlife Authority, the Parliament of Uganda, the Bank of Uganda, and the Kampala City Council Authority, among others, exhibited their services and goods.

The ’Explore Bunyoro Region’ campaign is part of the activities to mark the International Tourism Day that was held at Hoima Booma grounds. This domestic tourism promotional drive, an initiative by the Ministry Tourism, Wildlife, and Antiquities, is aimed at stirring awareness and promoting the unseen beauty of Bunyoro Region’s adorable, prized tourism sites and attractions.

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