NEMA Rolls Out Anti-Litter and Waste Management Campaign

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The National Environment Management Authority (NEMA), has today Monday 18th September, kick started an anti-litter and waste management campaign.

The campaign, which will sensitize and engage the public in sustainable waste management practices, will also involve spot checks on public passenger vehicles to ascertain whether they have waste bins. The campaign starts with a two-day litter/waste management sensitization drive in Greater Masaka. The activities start Tuesday, 19th

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September with a clean-up of Lukaya Highway Market in Kalungu District, and will end with the general cleaning of Masaka City. It is planned to attract Lukaya market vendors, Lukaya Town Council and Kalungu District Local Government officials, and Masaka City officials and residents.

The drive code-named ‘Yonja Uganda’ is expected to be rolled out across the country. The specific objectives of the drive are to; communicate and raise awareness about the main litter and waste management issues in both urban and rural communities; encourage citizens to adopt sustainable waste management practices during their day to day activities; promote public participation in addressing litter and waste management challenges; do spot checks on public vehicles to check on possession of waste bins; arrest and prosecute anybody found littering; and Impound public passenger vehicles without waste receptacles

The National Environment Act No.5 of 2019 and attendant Regulations prohibits littering and places extended producer responsibility to producers of plastic products.

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