Arrow Security Accountant Wanted for Stealing Company Money

Fiona Achanit
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Police in Soroti are hunting for Fiona Achanit, the Accountant of Arrow Security’s private company Soroti branch for swindling Company money.

Fiona Achanit

According to tentative reports, Achanit went missing from work on Sunday 10th September 2023.

“We were shocked noticing that our company accounts had been messed up, Big sums of money were missing and the accountant was nowhere to be seen, her phones were off and we couldn’t even trace her”, said the Company manager.

Police further called on the public to notify any nearby police station in case anyone knew the whereabouts of Madam Fiona Achanit.

Arrow Security is a Private Company with a Professional security guard services company.

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The team at Arrow is experienced and performs almost every function in security guard services and is owned by Captain Mike Mukula.

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