President Museveni Has No Intentions of Assuming a Cultural Leadership Role

David Serumaga
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With shock, I listened to the message delivered by National Unity Platform (NUP) president Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, popularly known as Bobi Wine while in Luwero on September 8th, 2023. During this address to his party supporters, Mr. Wine allegedly asserted that President Museveni harbors ill intentions towards Baganda. He claimed that the President has played a role in the demise of prominent Baganda figures in the business and religious sectors, as well as contributing to increased land grabbing in Greater Luwero.

David Serumaga

Furthermore, Mr. Wine’s statement about Ssabasajja Kabaka’s powers being eroded by President Museveni is deemed an understatement on a person like President Museveni. The President has no intention of assuming a cultural leadership role, nor do his family members aspire to such a position.

Individuals with sound reasoning ought to question Mr. Wine’s assertions. Can someone who has significantly contributed to the restoration of cultural institutions subsequently seek to undermine or oppose them.

Under the wise leadership of President Yoweri Museveni, the NRM government initiated the process of restoring traditional cultural institutions that had been attacked and abolished during the political upheavals of 1966–1967 kingdoms like Buganda were officially restored in 1993.

President Museveni has been actively returning verified Buganda Kingdom properties (Ebyaffe) and has expressed the government’s willingness to return any remaining properties. Why hasn’t Mr. Kyagulanyi and his team addressed this aspect?

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It is disturbing that Mr. Wine, in his sectarian message, would make unfounded allegations to the people of Buganda, accusing President Museveni of causing the deaths of prominent religious, political, and business leaders. Does Mr. Wine have any substantive evidence of that, or he is just politicking, using other people’s demise to seek public attention.

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Individuals like Kyagulanyi, who have turned their mobilization efforts into sectarian political rallies and promoted division and animosity among Ugandans, should not be tolerated under this government.

Mr. Wine cannot organize processions and rallies under false pretenses, spreading falsehoods, sectarianism, and hatred. Nations that have allowed such divisive actions have paid a heavy price.

David Serumaga

Furthermore, it is truly detrimental to engage in activities that generate unnecessary controversy at a time when Uganda is making significant progress. Undoubtedly, challenges exist, but today’s challenges are challenges within a framework of progress. The difficulties of the past pertained to economic decline and the deterioration of the country.

Our development is built on the foundation of peace that we have cultivated with our patriotic citizens, including those who supported us in Luwero. In the 1980s, Luwero was a no-go zone, but now musicians like Bobi Wine can hold music or political rallies without interference.

Peace and stability have fostered remarkable development and job creation in Buganda and throughout the country. Consequently, it is self-destructive for anyone to attempt to disrupt this peace. If Mr. Wine and his team believe that Uganda is not peaceful, they should consider staging a concert in Somalia.

By David Serumaga

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