Don’t Forget Your Culture –Hajji Kitezaala, Minister Namutamba Urge Basoga students

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Don’t Forget Your Culture –Hajji Kitezaala, Minister Namutamba Urge Basoga students

The Busoga Kingdom’s tourism minister Owek. Hellen Namutamba has urged students from Busoga to avoid being too absorbed to other cultures and forget about their own.

The Minister made the call at Islamic University in Uganda (IUIU) Kampala Campus at an event organized by Abasoga Nseete (AN), a forum which brings together Basoga students.

‘’ You should be humble, trustworthy, hardworking and embrace education in order to make reputable fruitful generations. But also I would like to encourage you to determinedly maintain your culture and traditions, and instill it in your friends even when you get  marriage partners so that it helps you and the children proudly identify with their origin’’, said Namutamba .

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Owek. Namutamba also challenged the Students in various universities to promote the development of tourism sites across the Busoga sub-region which she says will increase revenue income in Busoga.

‘’ Busoga sub-region boasts of tourist sites like Source of the River Nile, Kagulu rock, Bishop Hannington site, and Itanda Falls, among others. Promoting Tourism will support the people of Busoga to earn from tourism because tourism is all about creativity’’, noted Namutamba.

Hajj Kitezaala Addressing Media at IUIU Kampala Campus

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Hajj Swaibu Kitezaala, the director, Jinja Progressive Academy (JIPRA) who was accompanied by his wife commended the Kyabazinga of Busoga, William Wilberforce Nadiope Gabula IV for getting a wife, Inhebantu (Queen) Jovia Mutesi saying it promotes the protection of  family values and safeguards future generations.

Kitezaala urged the members of Abasoga Nseete to embrace the institution of marriage by carefully selecting responsible, God fearing partners for stable homes, challenging them to be disciplined and positively minded if they are to succeed in life.

Speaking to Journalists on Saturday, Mr Trevor Mawogole , the Chairman of abasoga Nseete at IUIU Kampala Campus  said the association helps to promote unity, improve Basoga’s self esteem and encourage development of Busoga region.

Abasoga Nseete was started in 1989 by students as a forum to bring together the Basoga students. It was later to spread to many institutions of higher learning and has been vital in rejuvenating the love and spirit of Busoga especially among the elite youth.

To-date Abasoga Nseete student’s chapter covers over 50 of higher institutions across the country, as well as non-student chapters in most of the major towns of Uganda and in the Diaspora.

Abasoga Nseete’s mission is to unite and mobilize the people of Busoga for socio-economic development through community initiatives in the aspects of education, health, community development and investment

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