Kampala Parents’ School Showcases Talents, Stakeholders thrilled by Balanced Curriculum

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Kampala Parents’ School Showcases Talents, Stakeholders thrilled by Balanced Curriculum

Kampala: Drumrolls, laughter, and a dash of healthy competition – that was the scene at Kampala Parents’ School on August 26th, 2023. Imagine a day where friends turned into competitors and teammates into cheerleaders, all in the name of sports!

Students entertaining Parents

The school grounds transformed into a vibrant playground as students from different houses—Kob, Lion, Leopard, Rhino, Crane, and Elephant—stepped up for a series of exciting challenges. With parents and friends in the stands, the atmosphere was electric, filled with cheers, claps, and a whole lot of spirit. From the zippy 800-meter race to the tricky obstacle race, and from the speedy relay to the sack race that had everyone laughing, these young athletes gave their all, proving that fun and fitness make an amazing team.

Hold your breath, because the results were in, and it was a tight race! The KOB house snagged the top spot with 637 points, followed by the LION house roaring close with 611 points. The LEOPARD house leaped into third place with 603 points, and the RHINO house powered through with 597 points. Not to forget the CRANE and ELEPHANT houses, who showed us that the spirit of sportsmanship shines bright, no matter the ranking.

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Guess what? The school had some cool VIP guests too! Dr. Isabirye Paul, a health expert, and SPC Frank Mwesigwa, a superhero in law enforcement, were there to add star power. Dr. Isabirye, also a parent at the school, cheered for everyone’s efforts in sports and studies. “Sports are like magic that makes school even cooler,” he said with a smile. SPC Frank Mwesigwa chimed in, “Events like these help us learn, connect, and enjoy – all at once!”

Ms. Daphine Kato, the headteacher and our friendly guide at school, thanked the parents for trusting Kampala Parents’ School with their little champs. She reminded everyone that besides books, the school’s magic recipe includes finding hidden talents from a young age. She gave a big shoutout to Dr. Sudhir Ruparelia and Mr. Rajiv Ruparelia, who always put kids first.

Parents at the event

Oh, guess what? If you want to join the fun, the school still has spots open! Ms. Kato announced that Kampala Parents’ School is ready to welcome more curious minds for a fun-filled and balanced learning journey.

KPS Teachers Vs Parents

To summarize, the Kampala Parents’ School sports day was a true adventure of sports and cheers. The playground turned into a stage for talents to shine, and everyone left with smiles, new friends, and a little more excitement for the next school adventure.

KPS Headmistress Daphine Kato

Guest of Honour Dr.Isabirye Paul with Various Winners

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