Gen.Muhoozi Winning Diaspora as MK Movement Launches in North America

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Ugandans living in the United States of America (USA), commonly known as the US have launched the first-ever MK Movement US Chapter and leadership structure in North America.

MK Movement is led by Uganda’s first son General Muhoozi Kainerugaba, the Senior Presidential Advisor for Special Operations, who previously served as commander of the Special Forces Command (SFC) before he was appointed Commander of Uganda’s Land Forces.

For starters, North America is the fourth most populous continent after Asia, Africa, and Europe with 329.7 million persons.

The launch was presided over by Mr Andrew Mwase, the chairman MK Movement USA, Mr Francis Nkuusa the Chief Mobiliser North America, Betty Kizito the Chief Strategist for the chapter among other leaders and mobilisers.

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‘’ The MK Movement is a group of Ugandans both within and out of the country laying the groundwork for Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba to become the next president of Uganda. Uganda has come a long way and so it now requires a patriotic and able leader to prevent it from sliding back to where it came from ‘’, noted Mwase adding that members should always remain focused, united and ensure that they preach the ‘Gospel’ of Gen.Muhoozi to everyone regardless of their political parties.

He added that their mission is to advocate for evidence-based policies, fostering transparent governance and promoting the active participation of Ugandans in North America in shaping the future of Uganda.

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The iconic launch held at Marion Tavern Grand View Farm ,55 centre street brought together over 100 supporters and well-wishers of Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba and according to standards in the diaspora, it’s unprecedented for a first-time event launching a new political change brand.

According to Ugandans in the USA, given the current political landscape and aggressiveness of opposition in Boston, it was the first major milestone launching the MK Movement in North America.

During the launch, the call for unity, hope, and progress for Uganda flanked everyone’s speech as the group hailed Toyota Michael Nuwagira, the head of Team Chairman MK Movement for spearheading this project and having a great mobilisation skills that have marketed Gen.Muhoozi all-over the world.

Mr Francis Nkuusa the Chief Mobiliser North America chapter vowed to ensure that the Diaspora becomes the leading community in supporting the ambitions and goals of Gen.Muhoozi Kainerugaba.

Betty Kizito ,the Chief Strategist for the US MK Movement chapter also advised all supporters and well-wishers of Gen.Muhoozi both in Uganda and the diaspora to be exemplary, support development and mostly put Uganda at heart in whatever they do. She said many Ugandans regardless of their political affiliation love Gen.Muhoozi and thanked Mr Ruta Stephen, the deputy head mobilisation & Head Diaspora affairs for establishing a firm mobilisation strategy that has helped in promotion of the former.

In attendance was Honourable Susan Nakawuki who resounded the message of the diaspora’s role in changing the course on policies in Uganda and how they can contribute to a better image of the country abroad.

‘’The energy and enthusiasm generated at the launch will be channelled into community-based initiatives, policy advocacy, and diaspora engagement efforts. MK Movement USA’s commitment to fostering positive change remains steadfast, and we are dedicated to turning the momentum of the launch into tangible improvements in Uganda & the Ugandan diaspora at large’’, added Kizito.

The Team has various committees including; The Chairman’s committee which has (Vice Chairman, Chief Strategist, Chief Legal Counsel/Diplomacy). The others are the Finance Committee, Youth Representatives & Sports Committee, Women Representatives and Committee for Strategy & Planning.

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