Excitement as FINCA Launches Gonza life,a Financial Inclusion Campaign

James Onyutta the Managing Director of FINCA Uganda Limited with his managers during the launch of Gonza Campaign
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FINCA Uganda has launched a massive financial inclusion campaign dubbed “Gonza life”. This is a campaign aimed at economic empowerment or everyone using a sweetener particularly to attracts new to bank to bank customers.

While explaining the campaign, the Managing Director of FINCA Uganda said, “As part of this campaign, we are introducing a range of exciting incentives and rewards to encourage and empower our valued customers to engage in transactions. Whether it’s making payments, saving regularly, accessing timely loans, or utilizing digital channels for financial operations, each transaction will bring our customers one step closer to their dreams”.

James Onyutta the Managing Director of FINCA Uganda Limited with his managers during the launch of Gonza Campaign

FINCA has been in existence for over 30 years and has championed financial inclusion, by empowering individuals and families to cultivate economic opportunities through access to financial services. FINCA has managed to grow its customers by over 140,000 customers with a portfolio of over 34 million USD, FINCA continues to spear head the microfinance financial inclusion journey in Uganda

“The merits of financial inclusion are strongly rooted in empowerment. Access to credit, savings and money transfer services is a key link between economic opportunity and economic outcome. It’s also a powerful agent for strong and inclusive growth” says James Onyutta

With improved financial access, families can smooth out consumption and increase investment, including education and health. Better financial decisions lead to more opportunity to build financial capacity, leading to savings and other wealth-building activities.

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FINCA Uganda has invested a lot in technological innovation, perhaps the most promising way to advance and penetrate many communities. Technology lowers the cost of serving Small and medium-sized entrepreneurs. Mobile banking is one innovation with dramatic potential for expanding financial inclusion. Mobile phone diffusion often exceeds bank network distribution.

We know that there are many factors that may lead consumers to choose not to engage in the banking system, whether from a distrust of the banking system or prior mishandling of a banking relationship being an impediment to account ownership.

The broader gains in the number of consumers with bank accounts are an important measure of our collective success, particularly in an environment where consumers can access an ever-growing range of financial services.

FINCA Uganda accounts continue to be one of the safest and most reliable way to access credit, deposit and keep money and engage in a variety of transactions.

James Onyutta the Managing Director of FINCA Uganda Limited

FINCA Uganda started its operations in 1992 as a credit institution, building a positive reputation for its Village Banking model which allowed its clients to access loans through group membership. FINCA later transformed into an MDI becoming the first to be licensed and regulated by the Bank of Uganda and has 30 branches across the country

FINCA Uganda is a forward-looking organization, constantly drawing upon the creativity of its clients, employees, and board members to find more effective and efficient ways to empower our clients.

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