Uganda Bankers Association Explore Cutting-Edge Data Centre Technology to Elevate Banking Services

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Namanve: The Uganda Bankers Association (UBA) members have today made an exploratory visit to Raxio’s state-of-the-art data centre in Namanve Business Industrial Park, Kampala – Uganda.
The visit aimed to delve into the advanced technology and infrastructure underpinning the seamless and secure banking services offered to customers nationwide.
During the visit, the delegation from UBA had the privilege of witnessing firsthand the innovative data centre solutions that empower Raxio to maintain high data security standards, scalability, and uninterrupted operations.
“Partnering with members of the Uganda Bankers Association provides us an opportunity to educate and empower their organizations to stay at the forefront of cutting-edge technology,” said James Byaruhanga of Raxio Data Centre.
“Understanding the capabilities of modern data centres is crucial for members of the Uganda Bankers Association as they continuously seek to enhance their services and provide secure and efficient banking experiences for their customers,” he continued.

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The data centre tour showcased the sophisticated infrastructure, robust data backup and disaster recovery capabilities, and adherence to industry-leading security standards, ensuring that customer data is always safeguarded.

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Moreover, the delegation was impressed with Raxio’s commitment to environmental sustainability through energy-efficient operations and responsible data management.
“We are honoured to welcome members of the Uganda Bankers Association to our data centre facility,” expressed Alex Wekoye, the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Raxio Data Centre.
“As a trusted partner in the banking industry, we are dedicated to supporting financial institutions like UBA in their pursuit of digital transformation and delivering superior services to their clients.”
The visit also provided a platform for meaningful discussions on collaboration opportunities between Raxio Data Centre and UBA to strengthen the banking sector’s technological infrastructure further.
As an industry leader in data centre solutions in Uganda and the African region, Raxio Data Centre continues to play a pivotal role in facilitating the digital transformation journey of various sectors, including finance, telecommunications, insurance, and education, amongst other sectors.
Raxio Uganda is Uganda’s first carrier-grade, Tier III certified carrier-neutral data centre. At the heart of Namanve Industrial Park, Raxio Uganda is ideally located along key fibre routes and delivers best-in-class colocation, cross-connect, fibre and IT infrastructure services. Raxio Data Centre is a leading provider of advanced solutions and technology services, empowering organizations across Uganda with reliable, secure, and scalable infrastructure to drive their digital and operational ambitions. With a commitment to excellence, environmental sustainability, and customer-centricity, Raxio Data Centre is a trusted partner for businesses seeking to harness the full potential of technology.
Uganda Bankers Association (UBA) is the umbrella body for all registered commercial banks and financial institutions in Uganda. It plays a vital role in representing the interests of the banking sector, promoting financial literacy, and fostering collaboration among member banks to enhance the financial services industry in Uganda.
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