Best Midland High School Mukono Campus 2022 UCE Candidate Wasswa back from China

Best Midland High School Mukono Campus 2022 UCE Candidate Wasswa back from China
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Midland High School Mukono Campus’s student Wasswa Jessy’s top-scoring of  maximum aggregate 8 in 8 in the Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) examinations in 2022 maintained the school’s position among the leading performers  and there was renewed evidence of this as the administration gathered at Entebbe international airport Friday to welcome him back home.
Wasswa was returning from a Visit to the People’s Republic of China in Asia as a reward for his excellent performance in the UCE examination for the 2022.
After spending a week in Asia ,Wasswa and his four entourages who included; Woopo Hebert Namonyo the Director of Studies(D.O.S) at Midland High School Mukono Campus, Mr Ssuuna Emmanuel from Maganjo ,Ms Namukisa Betty and Mr Kyambade Enock the Principle Midland High School were received by other administration members led by Ms Deborah Mawejje , the Head Teacher.
‘’It is very important to welcome back our dear student from China .It is a warm gesture and a motivational factor to all other students who did not go. This is a source of great inspiration because we want everyone to perform well .As a matter of fact education is our core business, our aim is to push our students to higher levels of learning and we expect them to excel up to university ‘’, said Ms Mawejje, adding that they chose China because it’s a fast growing economy and leading in science and technology, which is also the schools strength.
Best Midland High School Mukono Campus 2022 UCE Candidate Wasswa back from China
Ms Mawejje added that the reward will continue to other students every year including those who will excel in the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education Examination (UACE) examinations.

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On his part, Wasswa hailed the school for being the leading pillar in nurturing Uganda’s students urging all stakeholders to embrace the school for the better future of their children.
Wasswa also shared experiences from China including the country’s ICT sector which is a dynamic and vibrant sector, infrastructure, education among others which were facilitated to them during the tour.
Commenting about the trip, Woopo Hebert Namonyo the Director of Studies (D.O.S) at Midland High School Mukono Campus said there is a lot learnt from China and they will continue to lobby for exchange programs between Midland High School Mukono and partners in China.
And just like a star should be ushered back home, Midland High School Mukono Campus administrators and students did not hesitate to hoist him high up and make him feel on top of the world! For Wasswa, this was as emotional as it could get!
Midland High school Mukono is an academic giant because of consistently posting excellent results in both A and O level. Midland ranks among the most prestigious schools in Uganda, owing to its excellent academic performance and all round nurturing of its students. The school has registered success in both the education and sports fields, breaking and making numerous records and milestones in the process.
Midland takes pride in having candidates to qualify for government sponsorship over years.
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