Education Minister Muyingo Graces Mwiri Careers Day, Reveals Gov’t has earmarked funds for school rehabilitation

Minister JC Muyingo , MOBA President Dr. Daniel Ruhweza and Mwiri Head Master Arthur Mbalule (Behind).
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State Minister for Higher education , Dr JC Muyingo has hailed Mwiri for Producing men that have influenced national leadership.
Muyingo was speaking at the Mwiri Careers day held at Mwiri Hill in Jinja District
The Careers day was marked with a well attended exhibition/ fair. Various companies exhibited their products and services alongside students works
Muyingo said his friends and Family members who have gone through Mwiri are highly organized, urging current students to emulate such examples .He thanked the current School leadership for revamping the School.

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Muyingo said starting July 2023 Government has earmarked funds to rehabilitate the remaining buildings at Mwiri
The function was addressed Old Boys Association President, Head Master, Chairman Board of Governors, DEO and senior officials from the education sector.

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The great school that has taught several high profile citizens including the Uganda’s former president – Dr. Apollo Milton Obote (RIP), was started in 1911 by the Church Missionary Society. Interestingly though, the school was then called Bulangira High School and located in Kamuli. At the time, it was meant to give Busoga princes comprehensive education. In 1933, it was shifted to Mwiri hill where it stands today.
Mwiri Old Boys Association (MOBA) has relighted the college.
Mwiri which sits on 500 ACRES of land making it potentially the Biggest School in Uganda in in terms of land area has earned its place in the hall of fame as a school among the 6 greatest of all time.
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