HEALTH TIPS: What you need to know about ELO-ENJO

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What you need to know about ELO-ENJO
Description and Indications
ELO-ENJO, formulated by Dr Lutoti who is Ugandan Pharmaceutical Expert, academician and Ministry of Health Heroes in Health award winning Pharmacist of the Years 2021& 2022 . ELO-ENJO is a standardized natural medicine manufactured on large scale by Eloipharm Uganda LTD, presented in form of a mixture with a pleasant taste for oral administration, packed in 200mls Amber coloured bottle with a graduated measuring cup.
ELO-ENJO has been specially formulated for the following indications:
✓ assists in managing loss of sexual feelings in both men and women
✓assists in having firm erections of the penis in men.

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✓Assists in managing premature ejaculation in men
✓improves vaginal lubrication in women
✓ Helps ladies to reach and enjoy orgasm
✓improves sperm motility and morphology in men.
Ingredients/ composition of ELO-ENJO
Each 5ml of ELO-ENJO contains bioactive extracts of _Kigelia africana_ (Lam.)Benth 400mg , _Spathodea campanulata_ P. Beauv..500mg, _Coffea robusta_ L. Linden 800mg, _Citrullus lanatus_ (Thunb.)Matsumura & Nakai 4%w/v, Excipients qs.
Phytochemicals present in Elo-Enjo
Phytochemical screening of ELO-ENJO revealed presence of Coumarins, Naphthoquinones, Saponins, Alkaloids, Flavonoids, Tannins, Glycosides, Phenolic compounds, lignans and Triterpenoids.
Pharmacology of ELO-ENJOY
Investigation of fertility aspects of Elo-Enjo in albino rats gave the following indices:
✓Increased index libido 91.4%
✓ Quantal gravidity 82%
✓ Fertility index 90%
* Please use contraceptive in case you are not ready for pregnancy while using Elo-Enjo.
 In terms of Copulatory behavior parameters, Elo-Enjo :
✓ Increased the number of erections (p<0.05)
✓ Increased ejaculation latency/ delay of ejaculation (p<0.05)
✓ Reduced hesitation time / mounting latency (p<0.05)

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✓ Increased the number of mounts (p<0.05).
✓ Increased intro-mission frequency (p<0.05).
How does ELO-ENJO work?
✓ Formulation of Elo-Enjo is based on extracts of medicinal plants with long history of ethno medicinal use as aphrodisiacs and available scientific evidence to support these uses. _Kigelia africana_ (Bignoniaceae) in ELO-ENJO significantly increases blood testosterone and follicle stimulating hormone levels. It significantly reduces testicular malondialdehyde (MDA) levels, increases glutathione levels and enhances testicular catalase activity. This helps in improving sperm morphology, count and motility.
NDA Register
Elevated level of testosterone results in an enhanced sexual desire and penile function arousability._Spathodea campanulata_ (Bignoniaceae) known to have effects on Copulatory parameters and improve the production of vaginal fluids. _Citrullus lanatus_ (Curcubitaceae) is an edible fruit whose white layer contains citrullin believed to be responsible for it’s aphrodisiac/ sex property. _Coffea robusta_ (Rubiaceae) contains caffeine, a purine alkaloid, whose intake has been reported to reduce the odds of prevalent Erectile Dysfunction. Caffeine increases the levels of dopamine responsible for sexual pleasure.
✓Elo-Enjo has been standardized against flavonoids, alkaloids and Saponins which are the key phytochemical compounds within the formulation beside others. The activity of ELO-ENJO can be attributed to these phytochemical compounds.
Flavonoids are effective aromatase inhibitors and exhibits antioxidant activities.
Alkaloids are known for their ergogenic properties; they can act either by inducing vasodilatation of the blood vessels through Nitric oxide (NO) production and ultimately leading to erection or by stimulating steroidogenesis in testes.
Alkaloids in ELO-ENJO could also act by relaxing the smooth muscles of cavernous bodies in the copulatory organs of the users.
Saponins are known to stimulate androgen production. Due to the steroidal nature of saponins, they can act as an intermediary in the androgen production pathway. Saponins can also bind to steroid hormone receptors, which can lead to conformational changes and contribute to an increase in the function of these hormones; or they can bind to the enzymes involved in testosterone synthesis and increase its production.Furthermore,Saponins have a peripheral action by stimulating the release of nitric oxide (NO) in vascular smooth muscle.
 The NO is a mediator involved in the relaxation of vascular smooth muscle tissue leading to an increase in the number of erections.
Dosage and Instructions for use
✓The dose for every individual has to be calculated based response and on their body weight. Recommended start dose for ELO-ENJO is 20mls twice daily. Increase dose according to response to not more than 2mls per Kg of body weight of person using Elo-Enjoy in a day). Max in a day not to exceed 100mls .
✓Administer Elo-Enjo 30 minutes before action.
✓ Shake well before use
✓Avoid concurrent use of ELO-ENJO with other sex enhancers including modern medicines and herbal products/materials.
✓ If symptoms persist, seek specialized medical and Pharmaceutical care.
Adverse effects
None reported. Should you experience any unusual effect please report to the health worker for proper documentation and management.
✓Allergies to any of the ingredients stated.
✓Pregnancy: safety data missing.
For further inquiries, contact Eloipharm Pharmacy AM legacy plaza Kalerwe opposite Yudesi primary school Kampala, call 0758329111 or watsAPP 0782764180.
Eloipharm , where quality comes first.
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