DKT Healthcare Launches Kiss Extra Time Condoms, the Ultimate Delay Condom for Extra Pleasure

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DKT Healthcare Uganda on friday announced the highly anticipated launch of Kiss Extra Time, the latest addition to their range of the highest quality and funKiss condom variants.
Designed to help prolong sexual performance and providesa more satisfying experience for couples, Kiss Extra Time comes with a unique delay lubricant inside the condom which acts as a mild and temporary numbing agent for the man, to help him last longer and delay climax, according to officials.
”As a leading social marketing organization insexual and reproductive health that provides couples with affordable and safe options for family planning and HIV/AIDS prevention,we constantly strive to innovate unique products to improve the well-being and intimate health of our customers. The inclusion of Kiss Extra Time in our diverse portfolio ofcondom variants, including the popular Kiss Classic, Kiss Chocolate, Kiss Strawberry, Kiss Studded, and Kiss Passion fruit variants, align with our commitment to continue to offer Ugandans a wide array of choices that cater to individual needs and preferences”, said Charles E. Bbanda Marketing Coordinator, DKT International Uganda.
In order to meet the evolving needs and desires of their valued customers and because they understand that many couples seek ways to extend their moments of intimacy for mutual satisfaction and pleasure, they believe that Kiss Extra Time provides the perfect solution.
”This unique combination of high-quality, dual functionality and pleasure ensures that couples can now enjoy longer-lasting, more fulfilling sexual experiences with Extra Time for Extra Pleasure”, added Bbanda.

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To accompany the launch of Kiss Extra Time , they unvieled a captivating campaign entitled “Extra Time for Extra Pleasure.” which aims to celebrate the diverse needs of intimate connections while highlighting the enhanced pleasure and intimacy that Kiss Extra Time can provide, and howthe correct and consistent use of condoms can increase sexual pleasure, prevent STIs, HIV and unplanned pregnancy.
Through engaging facts, informative discussions, and exciting giveaways, they hope to ignite conversations around the importance of sexual well-being and encourage couples to explore the endless possibilities that Kiss Extra Time offers; a well lubricated, smooth texturewith a delay lubricant on the inside, and to see Kiss Extra Time asthenew option for couples to stay safe while enjoyingextended pleasure.
Kiss Extra Time is now aavailable nationwide, in all drug shops and pharmacies at an affordable retail price ofUGX 2,000. Always remember, Kiss Condoms have a condom for everyone – there is no excuse not to stay safe while having fun!
On friday , the company provided an opportunity for all present to experience Kiss Extra Time firsthand, and to learn more about the science and innovations thatembody the sensual optionsprovided by each of our existing condom variants, and to serve as a reminder of the variety of options for safety and enhanced pleasure that our products offer.
”We invite all members of the media to join us at the Kiss Extra Time breakfast media launch today, for an exclusive opportunity to gain insights into the development of this exciting new condom variant, and on how Kiss Extra Time aligns with our missionto revolutionize safe intimate experiences by providing couples with affordable and safe family planning and HIV/AIDS prevention”, said Bbanda.
DKT International is a registered, non-profit organization founded in 1989 to focus the power of social marketing in some of the largest countries with the greatest needs for family planning and HIV/AIDS prevention.
DKT is one of the world’s largest providers of family planning and HIV/AIDS prevention products and services.
DKT works to expand contraceptive access and increase choice with the introduction of new and popular brands, including Kiss Condoms, Lydia Contraceptives, and Kare reproductive health products.
DKT is working to create an ecosystem where men, women, and young people are empowered with information and have a wide range of contraceptive options to choose from.
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