A Primary Steel Maker, Most Diversified & Integrated Plant, Tembo Ranks among World’s Top Steel Firms

Tembo Steels (U) Ltd
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Defined as an alloy of iron and carbon, steel has become one of the world’s most important materials. It’s used to make everything from washing machines and dryers to bridges, airplanes, cars, buildings and more. Statistics show, in fact, that over 1.7 million tons of steel are produced each year.
But as the world continues to survive on steel and steel products, Tembo Steels Ltd maintains lead in being a Global Primary Steel maker , ranking among the Top world Steel firms.
For starters, with offices at the 7th & 8th floor, Crane Chambers in Kampala and plants in Iganga (Eastern Uganda) and Lugazi in the Central District of Buikwe, Tembo Steels (U) Ltd, is the Most Diversified & Integrated Steel Plant in Africa with the Largest Product Portfolio through incorporated route covering all four Verticals of Steel.
Tembo  has a depth of technical and managerial expertise that has been carefully nurtured since its inception and  is well known for its reputation for reliability and a sharply defined business focus, which has forged the organization into a modern, highly competitive supplier of steel products to the domestic and global markets.
Tembo is one of East Africa’s Largest Company with Interest in Manufacturing Hot and cold rolled profiles, Strategic Investments made by the Company have resulted in the Creation of Tangible and Intangible assets which are at the heart of Ugandan Economy.

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Most of the companies in Uganda and Africa deal in Tertiary and secondary steel  because they import about 90% of raw materials which does not apply elsewhere in the world , but Tembo is leading in quality steel production because of the primary steel production making it one of the leading global steel plants.
A worker at Tembo Steels operating iron bar steels machine. Photo by Shamim Saad
During an interview with Journalists at the Lugazi Plant, Mr. Sanjay Awasthi the Chairman / Managing Director (MD) ​ Tembo Steels (U) Ltd revealed that they are the global leading diversified steel product company because of 100% value addition.
‘’Primary steel making everything is done wholly inside the country meaning that you start with zero and end with 100%. Tembo is among the Top five in the continent. As the most diversified products is concerned we are number one in terms of product basket originated right from primary steel products ‘’,revealed Mr. Sanjay Awasthi who hailed Uganda’s President for pacifying the country to enable the growth of investment opportunities .
Awasthi noted that the company produces economical and efficient steel through backward and forward integration with a product portfolio that caters to markets across the steel value chain.
Tembo Steels (U) Ltd Plant
Looking at Tembo’s conquest as a primary steel producer in the region , having two plants while many firms are still locked into tertiary and secondary steel making ,the company continues to stretch beyond  manufacturing but also leads in social corporate responsibility .
In primary steelmaking, the iron is changed over into steel by the oxidation process, which helps in the removal of carbon to enormous or required degree and different polluting influences to its negligible and required levels. In the primary, no de-oxidation happens.
Primary steel is obtained from a steel-making process known as the Basic Oxygen Furnace method (BOF). In this method, the iron ore is changed into iron billets used to produce the steel bars.
According to BuildNext Connect, a content platform for all things related to Construction, Architecture, Design, Technology, and Building Materials, Primary steel contains fewer impurities compared to secondary steel. The strength is also to a great extent.
Tembo Steels (U) Ltd Products
Technologically driven, Tembo Steels is manned by a highly efficient and dynamic team of employees; the company is growing stronger every day.
The company endeavors to strengthen Uganda’s industrial base by aiding infrastructural development, through sustainable development approaches and inclusive growth. It deploys its resources to improve infrastructure, education, health, water, sanitation, environment and so on in the areas it operates in and won several awards for its innovative business and social practices.
Uganda led by Yoweri Museveni has over the last 35 years created vast investment opportunities in sectors like agriculture, ago-processing, manufacturing, mining, tourism, infrastructure development, ICT among others.
Iron ore raw materials at the factory premises
According to 6Wresearch, a market intelligence and advisory center, known for its best in class business research and consulting activity, Africa Steel Market is expected to gain momentum. Growing demand in various industries such as the automobile and construction sectors are adding to the Africa Steel Market Growth. Rising fabrication of metal goods coupled with increasing production of machinery is driving the development of the industry. Surging urbanization and increasing demand for water and energy are providing lucrative opportunities for the development of the market. Rising development in the manufacturing and industrial sector is also one of the major factors adding to the market growth.
Tembo Steel Mills staffs walk on the iron ore raw materials
Iron ore melting taking place at the factory.
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