CEO Airtel Africa Hails Uganda’s President for the Conducive Business Environment

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President Yoweri Museveni and the NRM Government have been praised for ushering in peace to the country and creating a conducive environment for businesses including the communications sector to thrive.

“Your Excellency we have come just to thank you for the good business environment that has enabled us to thrive in Uganda,” the CEO of Airtel Africa said.

Mr. Segun Ogunsanya, the CEO Airtel Africa expressed his gratitude when he paid a courtesy call on President Museveni today at Nakasero State Lodge.

Other members of the delegation included Mr. Hannington Karuhanga the Board Chairman, Mr. Manoj Murali the Managing Director and Mr. Dennis Kakonge the Company Secretary.

Mr. Ogunsanya told President Museveni that Airtel Uganda has a huge number of subscribers totaling 14 million people, makes an annual profit of US $ 600 million and pays US $ 190 million in form of taxes to the Government coffers.

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They also disclosed that Airtel Uganda is open to the people of Uganda to invest & buy shares in the company.

“Anyone can participate in buying shares at Airtel,” the Company lawyer said.

President Museveni on his part was delighted with Airtel’s appreciation of the NRM’s efforts in ushering peace to Uganda.

“That is very good because gratitude is not common,” he said.

The President likened the gesture to the biblical 10 lepers whom Jesus healed and only one of them returned to appreciate the miracle performed by Jesus.

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