Huawei to Launch Digital Village Prototype in Uganda

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By Namutebi Sumayiya

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has met and held discussions with a delegation from Huawei Technologies Uganda at the National Leadership Institute (NALI), Kyankwanzi.

During the meeting, the Huawei team announced plans to establish a Digital Village Prototype in Uganda.

Mr. Hover Gao, President of Huawei Sub-Saharan Africa Region, informed the President that the project aims to demonstrate the transformative power of digital infrastructure in rural communities.

Mr. Gao highlighted the benefits of the Smart Village initiative which includes Smart Classrooms, Learning Centers, Remote Diagnosis, and Smart PVs (Solar) at no cost to the Ugandan government.

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“Huawei is committed to accelerating Uganda’s digital transformation. As a testament to this commitment, we are prepared to fully fund a pilot smart village project that leverages our cutting-edge technologies,” he stated.

He further pointed out that the initiative aligns with Uganda’s national strategy for rural development, showcasing Huawei’s dedication to supporting these areas.

In response, President Museveni expressed strong support for the project.

He stated: “Please go ahead with the project, and I will come myself to commission the smart village.”

Ms. Sooma Mukyala Fouziya, Public Relations Manager of Huawei Technologies Uganda informed the President that Butaleja District has been identified for the pilot study of the smart village.

She emphasised the project’s potential to contribute to the Parish Development Model (PDM) by promoting digital transformation and sustainable growth through ICT.

“This Smart Classroom will provide students with better education opportunities, improve self-learning capabilities, and enhance information sharing and communication among residents,” said Ms. Fouziya.

She also noted that the initiative will establish a Remote Diagnosis System to connect village health centres with national and regional hospitals, thus improving medical conditions in rural areas.

Furthermore, she said that the project will supply Green Residential Smart PVs to ensure stable and continuous power for residents.

Ms. Fouziya also outlined Huawei’s “One Country, One Network, One Cloud, One Platform” strategy, aiming to inspire further investment and collaboration towards a smarter and more connected Uganda.

“By providing a tangible example of the benefits of a unified digital ecosystem, we hope to inspire further investment and collaboration,” she added.

“This project will serve as a blueprint for future smart village initiatives across the country, showcasing the potential of technology to transform lives and drive sustainable development, while minimising the financial burden on the government,” she added.

At the end of the meeting, the Huawei team handed over a plaque to the President as a symbol of their commitment towards the Digital Village Prototype initiative.

The meeting was also attended by the Minister of Finance, Planning and Economic Development, Hon. Matia Kasaija; Minister of ICT and National Guidance, Hon. Dr. Chris Baryomunsi; the Permanent Secretary and Secretary to the Treasury- Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development, Mr. Ramathan Ggoobi, Minister of State for Internal Affairs, Gen. David Muhoozi, the Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of ICT and National Guidance,Dr. Aminah Zawedde and Mr. Gao Jian, the Deputy Managing Director of Huawei Uganda.

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