Ambassador Acheng, NRM Diaspora Supporters to Celebrate President Museveni, Party Achievements in Ottawa

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Ugandans and well-wishers in the diaspora, led by Her Excellency Joy Ruth Acheng, Uganda’s ambassador to Canada will gather in Ottawa to commemorate the legacy and achievements of President Yoweri Museveni, also the party’s National Chairperson.

A Collage of Ambassador Acheng and President Museveni

The event will draw a diverse assembly of dignitaries, including religious leaders, and other senior government officials from Uganda, who will join in the jubilant festivities at Ottawa.

Ugandans in the diaspora say the National Resistance Movement (NRM) party’s 38 years in leadership, marked with fundamental positive changes that have taken place in are worthy celebrating, emphasizing that the NRM took over the government in 1986 when Uganda was in a state of crisis.

They say through the implementation of effective policies, the party successfully stabilized the economy and improved various aspects of the country.

Ambassador Acheng who always encourages Ugandans in diaspora to invest home, use their numerous contacts abroad to attract and encourage more investors in Uganda, because of country’s stability, is among the key organizers and says the NRM regime has seen Uganda’s transformation in all sectors and therefore celebrating these achievements is well-timed.

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Ugandans in the diaspora just like those in the country, celebrate all the conditions for favorable investment climate like peace, security, and stability that are in place and has attracted Uganda’s transformation due to ruling government’s commitment.

‘’With the availability of physical infrastructure like roads and power with ready market not in Uganda but regional advocated by Uganda’s President, the country has progressed and therefore celebrating NRM’s transformation is inevitable’’, said H.E Acheng.

H.E Acheng says the NRM Government prioritized the economic infrastructure development to lower the cost of doing business in Uganda so that more jobs are created to tackle unemployment among the youth. She highlights why peace, security and stability are important ingredients in development which have spurred Uganda’s social economic transformation. She further noted that it was necessary to first deal with both internal and external threats of peace and tranquility and the lives and property of the people had to be secured first hailing Uganda Peoples Defense Forces (UPDF) for protecting the country.

Some of the Previous events for NRM Supporters and leaders in Canada

Ambassador Acheng’s office has eagerly been open to any Ugandan with a need to be addressed by the government and the bilateral relation between Uganda which has created more confidence among Ugandans in the diaspora in government’s determination to address their issues and access services back home.

The NRM Canada Chapter mobilizer, Dickson Asiimwe underscored the significance of the occasion. He highlighted President Museveni’s achievements, including fostering peace and security in Uganda and the Great Lakes Region, and advancing youth and women’s empowerment.

Asiimwe and other mobilisers have been promoting the ideology of NRM among the Ugandans in the diaspora and the 4 principles that include; Patriotism, Pan Africanism, Socio-economic transformation and Democracy.

Asiimwe says NRM has been championing Peace and security, Infrastructure, Youths and Women empowerment, Healthcare, Water & Sanitation, and Growth & Development. Other achievements include International & Regional Cooperation, Education, Transport and building the Economy.

Last week, hundreds of NRM supporters in Uganda gathered at Kololo Independence Ground, all-encompassing the place in exciting yellow descriptions to honor the legacy and achievements of President Yoweri Museveni, also the party’s National Chairperson.

Amidst the oceanic yellow attire and waving flags decorated with the president’s image, supporters chanted and twirled, resounding praises for the Ugandan leader.

The event drew a diverse assembly of dignitaries, including cultural, religious leaders, and senior government officials, who joined in the jubilant festivities.

Guests were treated to a diverse range of entertainment, adding to the festive atmosphere throughout the celebration.

Despite heavy rainfall, President Museveni arrived just before 1 pm, with supporters resiliently enduring the weather while others sought shelter from the downpour.

The event culminated with a reaffirmation of unity and support for President Museveni’s vision as NRM supporters reaffirmed their commitment to his leadership.

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