Makerere University Impressed With Tembo Steels for Strengthening Research and Education in Steel Industry

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Makerere University Impressed With Tembo Steels for Strengthening Research and Education in Steel Industry


By Brian Musaasizi & Namutebi Sumayiya

Makerere University, Uganda’s largest and oldest institution of higher learning established in 1922 and one of the most prestigious Universities in Africa has applauded Tembo Steels (U) Ltd, Africa’s most varied & Integrated Steel Plant for playing a leading role in promoting research and education in the steel industry.

Speaking to reporters shortly after a guided tour at Tembo steels Ltd Iganga Plant on July 3rd 2024, Peter Wilberforce Olupot, an Associate Professor from Department of Mechanical Engineering at Makerere University said that the academia is grateful to be involved in promoting high-quality research and education in steel construction in Uganda by Tembo Steels Ltd, thereby ensuring that the country will have top experts in the field in in the future.

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“The company has taken steel manufacturing towards carbon neutrality, and low-emission steel construction products are a key part of this endeavor due to its green steel initiative,” said Olupot.

The Mechanical Engineering department at the School of Engineering which was started in 1970, making it one of the oldest departments has three graduate programs namely; Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Master of Science in Technology Innovation and Industrial Development and Energy System Engineering. The Department runs PhD and Postdoctoral programmes in collaboration with various internationally renowned universities mostly in the following areas: Materials, Manufacturing and Production and Energy Engineering. The curriculum run by the Department of Mechanical Engineering provides students with the science, technology and engineering knowledge and skills to solve engineering problems with an understanding of social, economic, and environmental implications. Currently, the Department has laboratories and workshops available to its undergraduate and graduate students including; Mechanical Workshop, Metrology Laboratory, Fluids Laboratory, Thermodynamics Laboratory, Strength of Materials Laboratory, Metallurgy Laboratory, and Mechanics of Machines Laboratory.

‘’They are using iron ore in their processes and it’s a better alternative to relying on scraps so they are adding value to natural resources and they are increasing their capacity. Tembo is one company we are aware of that is involved in adding value by using iron ore in their manufacturing process. It’s one of the companies that goes the entire chain. This is a very good process for students and they are able to see how the iron is obtained from the iron ore and the entire process to relate from the concept of their lectures’’, said Olupot.

In attendance were PHD students from Makerere University and Marcel A.J. Somers a Professor at Technical University of Denmark.

On behalf of the company, Gaurau Dwivedi, a plant administrator at Tembo Steels Iganga, said Tembo Steels Ltd has over years remained the leading steel firm in environmental conservation with its Environment Policy aiming to be the most efficient and reliable steel producer and carry out its business operations with utmost regard for safety of the environment.

He said this is the reason it is one of the leading companies in Green steel, and thanked Makerere University for entrusting them to collaborate in promoting skills development in the steel industry.

Tembo has always committed to protect and improve the environment and abide by the laws and regulations concerning the same and it guaranteed to work towards environment protection, prevention of environmental pollution and environment improvement  around our business units, adopt sound environment management practices to achieve sustainable growth, Implement systems to deal with environmental issues, thereby ensuring compliance and reporting, Evaluating effectiveness of system through regular audits and management reviews and Continual improvement in their environmental performance.

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