PLU Leaders Urge Youth to Embrace Unity, Nationalism at the Launch of PLU Youth Forum

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By Namutebi Sumayiya

Officials from the Patriotic League of Uganda (PLU) have called on young people across the nation to cultivate a sense of patriotism by cherishing and holding loyalty to their country to contribute to the National development.

Speaking at the launch of the PLU Youth Forum at Africana Hotel in Kampala on Friday June 28 2024, Mr Michael Katungi, the director of External Affairs at PLU said Ugandan youth should take a lead in being ambassadors for Patriotism and promote Unity which can consolidate the achievements done by the current government and which PLU aims to boosts.

‘’We are doing a lot of mass mobilization and we ask you to join this program of raising national consciousness across the country. We are preaching patriotism and we are glad that PLU is driving this campaign. The vision of PLU is not different from NRM because NRM is our mother, we preach democracy, nationalism, social transformation’’, said Katungi.

Jacquie Namuyonga

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He added that the things that have not been done by the ruling NRM will be done by PLU. He said that PLU believes that it can reform and there should be continuity, to consolidate the good things that have been done by NRM.

He said fighting corruption and service delivery are some of our core mandates for PLU.

‘’Young people should not settle for less but should exercise their rights’’, said Katungi.

Jacquie Namuyonga, a leader at PLU said the organization stands for discipline, patriotism, accountability and the fight against corruption.

‘’Discipline is key in everything that you do. No matter how ambitious you are, it starts with discipline. That’s why we have a committee to handle ethics. Patriotism is also a key factor to our success as young people because it begins with you. Love yourself enough to be able to love your country. Love and vigorous support to your country is patriotism but the only way you can do that is to be devoted to your country’’, said Namuyonga.

She said as PLU they stand for transparency, honesty and accountability saying that Gen.Muhoozi, the chairman of PLU has been the number one advocate of the fight against corruption.

‘’ Corruption has eaten this country up to the bone marrow. And we are happy that PLU and you young professionals are determined to protect this country. If we don’t stand out and join forces with Gen.Muhoozi the chairman of PLU we shall be finished’’, added Namuyonga.

Hussein Ibra, one of the youth leaders and strong PLU mobiliser, said that PLU is determined to address challenges faced by the young people, especially unemployment and inequality.

It should be remembered that Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba and the leadership of the movement rebranded to the Patriotic League of Uganda (PLU), with the hope of consolidating his support base and furthering his ambitions for the presidency.


This initiative marked a transformation of the MK Movement, established in 2022, into what is described as a “non-political” entity, despite earlier rumors suggesting the launch of a new political party.

The rebranding to the Patriotic League of Uganda is seen as a strategic move to broaden the movement’s appeal and impact, shifting the focus towards collective national improvement and unity.

The PLU aims to address issues such as fighting corruption, conserving the environment, and encouraging Ugandans to engage in their civic duties for the collective good. It also intends to preserve Uganda’s natural and social cohesion.

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