How ULC File was messed up in Attorney General’s office, Mbale city land board linked to Scandal

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It has come to light that various government figures, purportedly aided by Mbale City Land Board members, attempted to assert false ownership claims over the property.

Despite clear records indicating the land’s allocation to the Uganda Lands Board in 1956, these individuals allegedly falsified documents to support their claims.


A troubling land dispute has surfaced in Mbale City, Uganda, concerning a property located on Cathedral Avenue. The Uganda Lands Commission has been embroiled in a contentious battle over ownership, as government officials reportedly conspired to seize the land, which rightfully belongs to the Commission.


Disturbingly, after a prolonged legal struggle, the crucial land dispute file, previously under the custody of the Ministry of Lands, mysteriously vanished upon its transfer to the Attorney General’s Office for further examination. There are serious allegations suggesting collusion between certain staff members within the Attorney General’s Office and elements associated with the State House machinery, aimed at manipulating the outcome of the dispute in favor of Mbale City officials.


This egregious act of corruption has prompted the Uganda Lands Commission to urgently petition the President for intervention. The delay in resolving this matter is not only causing significant financial losses to potential investors but also jeopardizing the rights of lawful tenants on the property.


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Of grave concern is the reported demolition of a structure at palisa road in Mbale city which was in court and pending judgement But the interest was a diversionary act aiming at finishing the goal of evicting the sitting tenant on this land at cathedral Avenue so that before the decision comes from the attorney general’s office they are already in charge,And with this plans underway for further eviction of tenants, all orchestrated by individuals who heads Mbale City Land Board. It is evident that these actions are driven by ulterior motives to unlawfully seize and distribute the land among vested interests.

The disappearance of the file, allegedly orchestrated by a State House aide, further underscores the gravity of the situation and the lengths to which certain individuals are willing to go to manipulate the legal process.


Despite these challenges, we remain steadfast in our pursuit of justice. The Attorney General is implored to expedite the resolution of this matter and provide an unbiased opinion affirming the rightful ownership of the land by the Uganda Lands Commission.

The eyes of the nation are upon us, and we call upon all stakeholders to uphold the principles of transparency and accountability in the administration of justice.

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