PICTORIAL: What you missed at ‘Saabavvulu’ Hussein Ibra’s Graduation Party

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Busoga Kingdom Prime Minister Dr Joseph Muvawala has advised the youths to engage themselves in productive activities that would maximize their potentials towards becoming great leaders to their families, communities and political offices.

Muvawala gave this advice at a graduation party for Hussein Ibra, at Ci’Sand Suites Hotel in Jinja on 17th February 2024.  Hussein was among the students who graduated  at the 74th Graduation Ceremony of Makerere University held at the Freedom Square from Monday 29th January to Friday 2nd February 2024, which saw a total of 131 PhDs 1,587 Masters , 156 Postgraduate Diplomas, 11,016 Undergraduate Degrees), and 24 Undergraduate Diplomas, graduating from all the Colleges.

‘’ I call upon the youth and fresh graduates who are about to enter their professional lives, to play their productive role in the country’s exponential growth. If the students in their professional lives, ensure justice in the society, contribute productively in the country’s development, and learn to share their resources with the poor, the country would see new heights of prosperity and development’’, noted Muvawala.

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The Busoga kingdom’s second deputy prime minister, Mr Ahmed OsmanToday, he said Artificial Intelligence was the second leg of every profession and the world is running very fast , urging that people have to run with same pace as the world do otherwise, the country would lag further behind the region and the world.

Earlier, stakeholders held a Dua to bless Hussein, which was also attended by key Muslim clerics from the region.

Muvawala and Osman , accompanied by Member of Parliament (MP) for Jinja South East City constituency, Mr Nathan Igeme Nabeta later blessed Hussein to become a Ugandan  billionaire and legislator in the future.

At a colorful function, attended by several movers and shakers in Busoga including; Religious and cultural leaders, Business community, civil servants and politicians; Muvawala urged the youths to acquire knowledge to help them develop their potentials.

The event was also graced by officials from Gen.Muhoozi Kainerugaba’s Patriotic League of Uganda (PLU) led Ms City Lawyer Namuyonga Jacquie.

Owek.  urged parents to live exemplary lives and build good relationships with their children so that can openly discuss issues affecting them.

Hussien sat his Primary leaving examinations (PLE) at Spire Road primary School in Jinja, before Joining Mpoma Boys SS and Mpoma School Satelite campus for O & A Levels respectively. He has been a leader both in Jinja where he serves as the Male Youth Councilor for Southern division and at Makerere University, Uganda’s largest and oldest institution of higher learning.

At Makerere, Hussein alias ‘Makerere Saabavvulu’ contested as NRM flag bearer for the position of Guild President in 2022. He also served as the Minister for Finance, Social affairs and GRC for Lumumba Hall, build in the late 1960s and named after a freedom fighter of Congo Kinshasha known as Patrick Lumumba, the biggest on campus whose occupants call themselves Elephants.

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