Stakeholders Want Mbale Land Officials Netted Over Dubious Land Deals

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Stakeholders in Mbale have faulted the City land officials for land grabbing and misusing the first family name to threaten people during their dubious deals, asking the State House Anti-Corruption Unit to intervene in the matter and arrest the culprits.

Mbale City

News reaching us indicates that the Mbale city land officials have been implicated in land grabbing in connivance with some prominent businessman and politician, leaving many affected.

‘’Mbale city land officials use the names of powerful individuals to execute Land evictions by pretending to be commanded by untouchables. We can’t allow this because we know President Museveni has been at the forefront of protecting Ugandans and anyone misusing the name of first family to benefit themselves we shall not allow them and we request President museveni to intervene ‘’, a source said.

We were able to follow the story of the land behind the city council head offices owned by a Christian organization (Church) called Jehovah Healing Center Church and owned by David Mugalu, a pastor who owned this land for over 10 years.

‘’This land was dubiously allocated by the city land officials to a one wife of a top General who wants it and wants the church evicted, and the city authorities also want to share part of it among themselves. The Lands Office is now using powerful people to grab land from the Mbale people, this has happened to man’’, added a source

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Land grabbing is one of the most frequent occurrences in different parts of the country with dysfunctional and corrupt government officials.

It is said that the Mbale city land committee uses the names of powerful individuals to force Land evictions by pretending to be commanded by untouchables.


What disturbs people is how those in power are squandering them to grab land.

After public outcry and calls on the president to help the church and the tortured Mbale city of Wanaichi who are regretting why the municipality was elevated to city status, the president has ordered the Anti-Corruption unit to immediately investigate the matter and arrest those involved in the matter.

These situations have made the NRM Government lose support and are considered a corrupt system, many are homeless, and people with their property are tortured and left with nothing by corrupt and selfish technocrats like Mbale city.

Last year in September, the SHACU arrested seven public servants in Mbale City on similar charges of illegally allocating the same land to private developers.

Among those apprehended were the clerks, area physical planner, physical planning committee members, and land committee members.

In 2021, the Minister of Local Government, Raphael Magyezi, ordered the cancellation of lease offers for the disputed land in Nakaloke Town Council.

The government also suspended the Mbale District Land Board and demanded that private developers halt any ongoing projects on the land.

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