Princess M.Janet NRM devoted Mobiliser Consolidating Museveni, Muhoozi Support in Diaspora

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Princess M.Janet, NRM devoted Mobiliser Consolidating Museveni, Muhoozi Support in Diaspora

Just like the former American first lady Eleanor Roosevelt said; “Women are like teabags. We don’t know our true strength until we are in hot water.” It is also true that the strength of a woman may not be known until she is in the Political field.

Anyone who talks about the individuals in the Diaspora who wholeheartedly promote Uganda’s President H.E Gen Yoweri Kaguta T. Museveni the Chairman of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) and Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba the Senior Presidential Advisor on Special Operations, cannot skip the name ‘Princess.M.Janet’ , a gorgeous Canada based Ugandan who has consolidated Government’s support in the abroad.

Today, we decide to unleash Princess M.Janet , an outspoken ‘Museveni-Muhoozi’ supporter who has been away from Journalists Cameras but on ground always grounding support for the ruling government.

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Princess as called by many in the Diaspora who hails from Luwero Triangle in the Central Region of Uganda , is a resident of Ontario in Canada’s capital Ottawa where she has turned out to be NRM’s iconic tower due to her mobilization skills and campaign to keep Museveni in Power and advocate for Gen.Muhoozi’s replacement for the current leadership.

According to sources, Princess hails from a family of Bush war heroes who brought the current Ugandan government in power and all her life, even while in Uganda, she has been an ardent supporter of Museveni.

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Speaking at the sidelines of the recently concluded 2023 NRM Canada symposium, Princess noted that with all what NRM government under President museveni has done which includes improved Peace and security, Infrastructure, Youths and Women empowerment, improved Healthcare and Water & Sanitation, the country needs an outstanding leader after Kaguta who would consolidate NRM’s achievements, the reason she supports Gen.Muhoozi Kainerugaba as a standby generator.

‘’ NRM has managed to sail Uganda through the most violent and unstable storms in our history. Through this time, NRM has been tried, tested and found worthy of continued leadership of this country. The mantle of securing the future of Uganda is so great a task for one to play bets on. It is not a gamble. It is a matter which requires lifelong commitment, unending sacrifice and vast experience. That’s why we believe that Gen.Muhoozi is the capable individual who can be trusted with the sacred responsibility of securing Uganda’s future when President Museveni decides to retire’’, said Princess.

She added that since Museveni took over power, Uganda has become an island of peace not only in the east African region but has gone ahead to export it to the entire African continent, Paved (tarmac) roads , Ferry crossings, Water transport, Construction of new power dams have all improved the country’s infrastructure.

‘’ Youth and women skilling programmes are being implemented in conjunction with the industrial parks. The literacy rate has improved from 43% to 75% while enrollment in primary and secondary schools is now 10.7 million pupils and 2 million students, respectively. The Government embarked on a revival of the economy which for long had suffered an economic shock. This is the reason we are determined to support President Museveni and Muhoozi as his replacement when time come for changing leadership’’, added Princess.

Princess Janet will also host and lead the organizing committee for the NRM Canadian Chapter Symposium in Ottawa where she has started mobilization in advance in what she termed as painting the diaspora Museveni-Muhoozi.

Janet’s mobilization skills also were exhibited in the just concluded  two-day NRM symposium for the Ugandan community in Canada held in Toronto City and officiated by the third Deputy Prime Minister and Minister without portfolio, Rukia Isanga Nakadama,lands minister Nabakooba among other officials ,where the former was part of the organizing committee.

Prince Janet has always hailed H.E Joy Ruth Acheng Uganda’s Ambassador to Canada and other NRM top leaders in Uganda for reorganizing her efforts in rebuilding the NRM party.

It should be noted that Ugandan leader Yoweri Museveni’s son, Muhoozi Kainerugaba, announced his candidacy for the 2026 presidential election, saying it was “time for our generation to shine’’.

The key promoters include young parliamentarians, Ugandans in the Diaspora, universities, the Muhoozi project WhatsApp groups among others have been created.

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