Desperate for Power at UMSC, Basajjabalaba Prompted to Corrupt Delegates for Signatures

Hassan Basajjabalaba
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In December 2022, Uganda Muslim Supreme Council held national elections that were climaxed by a hot contest for national chairman.
The national chairman elections pitted Professor Dr.Lubega Muhamadi against Basajjabalaba among others in which the latter lost terribly in spite spending allegedly over 6 billions shillings buying voters for the same.
Over the past few months though, Hassan Bassajjabalaba has ignited another fire to try and overthrow the recently elected UMSC National leadership.
According to sources, over the past two weeks he has been using proxies to buy delegates sign a petition to HE the president so he can help him overturn the election results or at least force a re-election.
Using his cronies in the different regions, Basajjabalaba has been bribing delegates with 1 to 2 million shillings per signature allegedly from statehouse to sign the petition so he can present them to HE as a sign of dissatisfaction amongst the Muslim leaders.
Many of his front men including a one Muyinda Musa deployed in Eastern Uganda, Kiyimba abas, Kigongo Sulaina  and Zulaika Kamara in Buganda,  Hassan Baylor in the greater northern region and Mudathir Doka in west Nile region have all met stiff resistance from the delegates.

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A few delegates we approached were wondering what it is that Hassan uses billions of shillings to buy himself in office.

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Others expressed disgust at Basajjabalabas affinity for Muslim leadership at Old Kampala despite his stinking theft of UMSC property and other assets when he was in leadership a decade ago.
This man is really scheming to lift something very big at UMSC this time round because the Basajjabalaba I know will only put money where he smells more to pocket retorted one member from western Uganda.
Some delegates wondered why they actually have to be bought to meet the president. HE is a noble leader who can’t indulge in diving Muslims and when they approached me using his name I just chased them away.
Indeed a one Hassan Muyinda Basajjabalaba’s cronies to Eastern Uganda was badly hit and came back with torn trousers, retorted one member from there who said they are tired of individuals transgressing beyond limits for leadership.
‘’We had an election, Bassajjabalaba was actually even disqualified, he has been to court with six cases against the election and has so far lost five of them.Lwaki tatuleka obusiraamu butambule ‘’, retorted one of the delegates  from central Uganda.
This very man was in Mbarara a few weeks ago bribing youths including non Muslims who he bought Muslim kofiira to cause havoc on the limbo issue. This culminated into running battles with the army and police, several youths were clobbered, tear gassed and others arrested while himself (Basajjabalaba), kitimba Abas, the likes of Sulaina Kigongo and Zulaika Kamara who led them to demonstrate were busy enjoying sausages at a hotel in Mbarara.
‘’We are tired, let him do his businesses and shrewdness elsewhere and let Muslim affairs alone retorted another’’, noted another Muslim leader from western Uganda.
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