Uganda to Hold World Tourism Day Celebrations 2023 in Hoima

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This year’s  World Tourism Day will be celebrated in Hoima District also known as the “Oil City” , Bunyoro region in the western part of Uganda and will run under the theme ” Tourism and Green Investments”.

In the history of this country, there is a lot that is inclined to Bunyoro that dates way back during the times of the imperialists and slave trade.

During the launch held at the Tourism Information Centre at Sheraton Kampala, Hon. Martin Mugarra Bahinduka, State Minister of Tourism and Antiqueties said that one of their agenda is to promote domestic tourism and this has been manifested through their campaigns of Explore Uganda and other iniatiatives, noting that them coming to Hoima for the World Tourism Day was the right step in the best direction.

” We are also working with many celebrities and influencers so  that we can promote tourism to those in Uganda and beyond in order to reach out to many people as people by interesting them about the beauty in Uganda”. Hon Mugarra Added.

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Speaking at the same event,  the Mayor for  Hoima City,  Brian Kaboyo Adyeeri  expressed his gratitude  for hosting the day  in  the Oil city that most people in Kampala and  other region  just hear  about but  have not had the opportunity to come through and enjoy mother nature in Bunyoro.

He also noted that they have organised great series of activities to commemorate fallen Omukama Kabelaga’s Centenary celebrations since he died in 1923 and all these are geared to encouraging more people to know about their history, culture and norms, before he interested those who have  the potential to come down and invest in the City.

The Director  of Tourism and Business Development at Uganda Wildlife Authority, Stephen Sanyi Masaba said they are ready to give the best experience to those that will come through  and they should not leave these facilities  be enjoyed by foreigners because the rates are really down and affordable for  Ugandans.

Moses Golola, Uganda’s most successful kick boxer and a Tourism Influencer and ambassador requested the relevant entities to have their content in our indigenous languages so that the  communities can embrace them because it will create that sense of attachment, easily understood and appreciated by the local people.

Lilly Ajarova, CEO of the Uganda Tourism Board, stresses the importance of green practices in maintaining the sector’s viability. “It is a fact that our tourism sector heavily depends on nature and culture, accounting for more than 70 percent of our visitors. Therefore, if we don’t take care of the environment and nature, the industry will be severely affected. To sustain it, we must consciously invest in green practices,” Ajarova stated.

There are also other activities that will happen for instance ; Trade Exhibitions, Explore Uganda football  Cup, Medical  Camp, Tourism Awards Night, Conferences,  Musical and dance performances especially the ” Kinyenge”, a  traditional one   from the  host land  and  others from Kampala  artists such as ; Pallaslo, Phina Masanyalaze, Spice Diana and others.

Bunyoro is gifted with tourism amenities including; Kibiro Salt Gardens, Muhabura Falls, Mparo Tombs, Bunyoro Kingdom Palace, Kabaale International Airport, Wambaya Water Falls and  Katasiiha Fort  Caves.

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